Five Fall Favorites


Despite how warm it has been the past few weeks, there is no denying that fall is really, finally here. And I could not be happier! Here are my top FIVE fall favorites; the things I love most about this season in Portland, and everywhere that autumn shows its glorious face!

fall favorites


The long days of summer boredom are over. Fall means back to school, back to routine, and back to normal in our home. This is my utmost of fall favorites!

2. Pumpkin patching on a non-rainy day

Yeah, I know. It’s Portland. We can’t have it all. But when the weather is perfectly crisp and the sky is just a bit gray, what’s more fun than watching our kids run around a pumpkin patch? And why do they always want pumpkins bigger than they are? ALWAYS. It’s also fun to support our local farms by buying goodies, produce, and other offerings they have available in their farm stores. With it being close to holidays, you can even find ideas and gifts.

3. Sweaters and boots

Are Uggs even in style any more? I don’t care, I love boots and I love sweaters. I’ve been waiting all summer to wear them. Maybe you’re a puffy vest person, or a scarf person, or a gloves and beanie person. Get those things out, too. You look fabulous and cozy in your fall favorites. You look like you’re on your way to somewhere important. Like on your way to get a pumpkin spice latte. So what if pumpkin spice is cliche. Mama needs caffeine and they don’t serve these all year. No judgement here!

4. Making the house “cozy”

From the apple spice scented candles to the warm fire in the evening, the fall wreath on your door and the hearty comfort meals (chicken and dumplings is a crowd pleaser at my house). Is there a limit to the number of throw blankets you should have? I’m asking for a friend. What is better than curling up with a fuzzy blanket while you ignore the football game your husband is watching? 

5. Fall foliage

Can you believe the colors? Oranges, reds, and yellows everywhere I go. When you turn down your street and this rainbow of autumn hits you it reminds you of why you love living here. It reminds all of us that life happens in seasons, and that not all change is bad. 

Check out this post to enjoy even more of what Portland has to offer during fall. What are your fall favorites this season?


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