6 Truths About Pinterest Moms


‘Pinterest moms’ has become a phenomenon that can make people cringe no matter what you think on the matter. Pinterest is often referred to as an online magazine, where instead of making doggie ears on the pages you love, you can pin your favorite ideas online! So, it raises the question, when did we start judging mothers for reading magazines?

I have dreamt about being a mom since I was a little girl. I wanted to bake cookies with my kids and do craft projects and throw birthday parties. When I became a mom nearly a decade ago, I did those things. Before Pinterest.

Some are frustrated that Pinterest moms set the bar too high and appear to be unrealistic. Insinuating that in return, they shame any mother who doesn’t measure up. So, I wanted to share some truth on the matter.

pinterest moms


  1. Pinterest Moms Enjoy What They Do.

    We genuinely love the activities we invest our time in. Some of us actually get joy from making cakes, putting labels on containers in our pantry, and organizing our photo gallery wall. We all get to choose what our houses look like and fill it with things we love looking at.

  2. Pinterest Moms Have Messy Houses, Too.

    Our houses don’t always look like they were just in a magazine shoot. Of course they don’t. Life gets busy and we get behind. However, yes, if I am having company, I will try to tidy up the house. I have six kids under the age of nine and my house has to have some organization to minimize the chaos. But, rest assured we can make an impressive mess in a matter of minutes.

  3. Pinterest Moms Don’t ‘Do It All.’

    Social media makes it appear like we do, but we sure don’t. We may do a lot of things such as baking, parties, DIY projects, etc., but not all of us do the same things. There have been seasons in life when I wasn’t able to make many home cooked meals because of our schedule. I don’t dive into busy sports schedules. Some of us don’t volunteer in classes or enjoy throwing parties. There is only so much time during the day and none of us should be expected to do it all to the same degree.

  4. Pinterest Moms Go Through Different Seasons.

    All of us mothers live in different stages and ages, just like kids do. We are sleep-deprived and changing diapers one minute, then before we know it, we are sending our youngest kid to school and packing lunches and balancing pick-up schedules. We all have different amounts of time and energy and it is okay to embrace the season we are in without any pressure to do more. For some of us, doing a craft project can help us get through our day feeling accomplished. Other days we just survive with our kids and get dinner on the table, even if it’s going to the drive-thru window in our pajamas to get burgers. There is no shame in having a hard day or a difficult season in life, or just being plain old tired.

  5. Pinterest Moms DIY but So Does Every Mother.

    Every mother does some form of DIY project to make their house function a little better, even if they might not realize it. We all create cooking tips and cleaning schedules that work for our family to get through the week better. At some point we will do some level of crafts with our kids even if it simply a gluing project for homework. We all will decorate our house with things we love, or find a way to solve a clutter problem or create a laundry system, even if it’s one that goes from the dirty basket to the clean basket to our bodies. Ha!

  6. Pinterest Moms Are Just Moms.

    Mothers just want to be celebrated and enjoy their days with their families. They want to eliminate chaos and have fun with their kids. They want to do things that bring them joy. So does every mother.

If you are in a season of life where you feel like you don’t measure up, please take note that you are doing this amazing thing called motherhood and it is a hard, wonderful and exhausting task of raising human beings every single day. Pinterest moms don’t do it all, they struggle and have difficult seasons too. Pinterest moms really are just mothers who are also trying to get through motherhood.