Summertime and the Style Is Easy: Your Perfect Summer Vacation Dress


When there are too many options to choose from, we rarely make the best decision. Whether you are at a new brunch spot staring down 50+ carb-laden, coma-inducing delights on the menu or sifting through an endless closet trying to find the perfect summer vacation dress, it’s easy to get paralyzed by variety and make the wrong choice.

summer dress

This principle applies even more when you are trying to pack the night before your vacation. We have all been there on the night before a fun trip; we can’t decide what to pack so we pull out our entire wardrobe in a frenzy, trying on scarves with sun dresses, fanny packs, and wool skirts. It seems there are just too many options to choose from. The end result? You over-pack and pack things you would never, ever wear on a summer trip (such as the wool skirt/fanny pack ensemble).

Rather than tell you to pack lightly for your next trip, I would like to introduce you to the holy grail of the summer vacation dress. It will make you forsake all others, and it can count for a week’s worth of outfits all in one dress!

4 Dresses in One

Kat Depner wearing Betabrand summer vacation dress with twisted tee shirt

This A-lined dress from Betabrand will meet all your styling needs on your next summer trip. It is cut in a universally flattering silhouette that comes in along the bodice and billows away just below the waistline to offer flounce and a bit of tummy camouflage. In addition, the fuller skirt also offers the illusion of a thinner leg line. The dress itself is made of a polyester/spandex blend, which means luxurious and generous stretch while being thoughtfully wrinkle resistant.

Here’s the real kicker: this summer vacation dress is FOUR dresses in one! It is reversible and offers a solid color on one side with a playful summertime pattern on the other. You can even wear it backwards (sort of). There is no “front” or “back” of the dress, so depending on which direction you choose, the neckline will change either from a scoop neck or to a high neckline. What’s even better: no zippers, no ties, and no anxiety of flashing an unsuspecting bystander. Just pull this bad boy over your head and it’s off to summertime mischief!

To mix it up a bit, check out two alternative ways to wear this dress:

Knotty By Nature

For this look, all you need is a tee shirt one size larger than what you normally wear (hint: feel free to dig into your partner’s closet). Gather all of the excess fabric to the center of the shirt and begin twisting until the shirt is taught against your skin, then simply take the excess fabric and tie it into a knot! The tee shirt ensemble will bring a relaxed beachy vibe to your adorable summer vacation dress, skater style.

Kat Depner wearing chambray with Betabrand summer vacation dress

Chambray All Day

The chambray, or any long, jean-like blouse that buttons, is a timeless piece that was meant to be with the A-lined dress for all time. For this summer vacation dress look, simply take the two front hems of the shirt and pull it upward until it sits along your waist, then tie a tight knot and leave the rest of the shirt unbuttoned. Cuff the sleeves until the sleeve length sits just below your elbows.

Finish this look with your hair pulled back, a statement earring or two, and a pair of strappy, wedge sandals, and you are off for some summertime play in effortless style.

So before you start throwing your whole closet into your luggage the night before your trip, grab a Betabrand 4-in-1 summer vacation dress, and save yourself the hassle. With a dash of a few easy accent pieces, you’ve got yourself several fun summertime looks with one simple dress and ample space in your suitcase!


  1. Oh I love this! Dresses are the best because they can be styled differently, but all in one piece! Simplicity at it’s best. Thanks for the tips. I love the denim shirt and pink dress combo.

    • Hey Nikki! Awww shux :). Glad these dresses are Nikki approved :). And yes… you could probably wear these as makeshift pj’s.. they are that comfortable!

  2. I am literally leaving for a trip in two days and cannot get my carry on shut! I wish I had known this was an option! That dress should make packing a breeze.

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