A Haircut in Wonderland {Pigtails and Crewcuts Hillsboro}


{This is a sponsored post. I received a free child’s haircut and hair product for writing this post. All opinions are my own.}

Pigtails and Crew Cuts

I’ve discovered an amazing, magical wonderland, called Pigtails and Crewcuts, where you can take your kids to get their haircut.

Okay. So it’s not magical…but it IS amazing! With patient and high quality stylists, bubbles, cookies, and children’s movies to keep your little occupied, even the most finicky toddler will look dapper once again at Pigtails and Crewcuts!

ToysWhen you walk inside, you can tell they get it. On the right are toys parents can purchase as a reward for their child sitting nicely and, on the left, a treasure chest of inexpensive toys as a gift from the stylists for patient little ones. There’s also a stellar train table and comfy couches in the waiting area. You’ll find cool cars at stylist stations (complete with an airplane and fire truck), fun patterned aprons, and even treats while they sit. The whole space is designed for kids.

The products are kid-friendly too. Great smelling shampoos, lice prevention shampoo, a dermatologist referred natural curl calmer, fun spray in and sculpting hair colors, and a Knot Genie–which I’m pretty sure IS magic with how well it detangles. 

But what blew my mind was how deft each of the stylists at Pigtails and Crewcuts were. Even with my toddler son looking around, shrugging away the stylist’s fingers and comb, trying to get out of his seat to see daddy, bobbing his head to Winnie the Pooh singing, and crying when we needed to hold his head to trim around his ears, she still made him look great! I could actually see his beautiful baby blues again. 

Pigtails and Crew Cuts ProductEach stylist not only loves kids (obviously), but is trained in working with kids as young as one month. So they are fast, too! 

“I love Pigtails and Crewcuts because of the environment. They provide entertainment and socialization; they are fast, and if all else fails, each station has a TV so the kids can watch the movie. My sons love playing “cop” in the chair, and at the end of the cut these super nice ladies always give my boys suckers and animal crackers.” – Dena, mom of a 2 and a 3-year-old

Pigtails and Crewcuts is a walk-in salon only (no appointments), which works great for me. I’m sure I am not the only mom who is late to everything because I have a toddler. So when I found out that I could bring him in right after snack, or if we’re out shopping and have time, or I forgot to make an appointment before family photo day, I nearly cried from joy. They are located at the mall in Tanasbourne, so if your child isn’t fully entertained by new friends and the train table, you can always eat, shop, and then return. 

Pigtails and Crew Cuts kids

“It’s such an easy wait. We love the whole experience. My 2-year-old hates getting his haircut, so all the distractions and environment make it easier for him.” – Leah, mom of a 2 and a 4-year-old

What if my child cries?

Tamie, a 6-year Pigtails and Crewcuts stylist, has some great advice for when tears ensue. She said, “Most parents think they need to stop the haircut and remove the child if they cry. Though we sympathize, we are trained to work with crying kids. We recommend using the bubbles, singing, even just calmly talking to get them through it so we can finish quickly. If you remove them to ‘come back later’ the child will think there IS a reason to be afraid and it will probably be worse next time. Plus, once we finish and the adults are all smiling and happy, the child gets a reward and sees everyone smiling, and the child becomes happy as well.” 

“Tamie was friendly, fast, and knowledgeable. She even taught me a new way to braid Karys’ hair while her bangs are growing out. Karys had a great time playing at the train table and picking out a lollipop and a treasure from the treasure chest.” – Kendra, mom of a 5-year-old

Pigtails and Crew Cuts boys

First haircut tips

Tamie also recommended that, for first time haircuts (for which they give you a lock of hair and a photo keepsake), you can use an electric toothbrush by their ears, while touching their head and ears to get them prepared for the electric razor. Also, talk all the way there about how nice they’ll look and how excited you are so they know there’s no reason to be scared. And, make sure you know what style you want when you walk in to make the cut go faster. 

A birthday party destination

Finally, I discovered they have an event room in the back where you can hold birthday parties! Why birthdays at Pigtails and Crewcuts, you ask? Because they provide sparkles and boas for Diva parties, braided hair for Teas, face paint for Pirates, and capes for Superheroes! You can get crafts, games and even karaoke! Mom brings the cake…and these fantastic ladies provide the rest!

So much more than a kids’ hair salon…this place really is a wonderland! 

Pigtails and Crew Cuts salon



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