The greatest gift bestowed to Susan is that of being a mother. She has worn many hats in her 43 years but being the mom to 5 amazing children (1, 10, 15, 17, 20) is definitely the hat she wears with the greatest amount of pride. Susan does not consider herself a natural writer but rather found the gift of writing as a tool to help her move through grief after her daughters, Anna and Abigail, went to Heaven due to a tragic accident in 2013. Susan has found that the written word along with her unwavering faith in God has allowed her to stay very connected to her daughters and their beautiful lives here and in Heaven. She writes at and is also the founder of Love Rocks, a movement of love and joy that honors her daughters’ lives,
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Dots and Scribbles: Art Experiences for You and Your Toddler

We spend a lot of time doing art in our house. Being creative has always been a passion of mine, and our three youngest have followed in their mama's footsteps. You can find brushes,...
love rocks

Love Rocks on Valentine’s Day & Every Other Day of the Year

Every time our youngest puts her coat on she immediately sticks her hands in her pockets and asks, "Love Rocks?" She knows our routine; wherever we go, we leave a trail of love and joy....

Parenting with PTSD: Surviving the Intense Waves of Grief

“Mama! Mama! Mama!” I hear my two-year-old call, but I’m lost in my thoughts. She has just come out of the closet wearing her big sister’s pink floral boots, it triggers my PTSD and...

A Family is a Family is a Family: A Book Review

It was one of her first art projects at her new school in first grade. She was told to draw a picture of her family and then explain who each person was to her...

Creating Opportunities for Connection

She sits at her table with a stack of laminated photos of her sisters, each one telling a story about a brief moment in time during their life. She shuffles and organizes them into...

The Taming of a Wild Beast: A Girl and Her Dog

We have "that" dog. You know the one that is super naughty most of the time. The dog that isn't your best friend, but rather is always trying to figure a way to get the most out of...

Mother’s Day Love From Heaven

Every-other Friday while my daughter was in preschool I had coffee dates with a friend whose five-year-old son had gone to heaven just two weeks after Mother's Day that year. Over coffee and hot chocolate,...

Dirty Socks: An Unexpected Gift

We are a no-shoes-in-the-house family; at least that is the rule we, or I, set for our family. This means  we have a bin at the front and back doors where shoes with mucky...

Anna’s Mom: Being Present Through Grief

Anna was starting first grade and I remember looking at her in the rear view mirror on our way to school, she sat silent looking out the window. I could tell by the look...