A stay-at-home mom in the SW Portland suburbs, Roxie is a wife and mom to three kids, ages 2, 5, and 8. Her ideal day would include a hike somewhere deep in the woods and a big greasy diner meal. She's a Master Recycler and blogs at Kung Pow HausFrau!

My House is a Neighborhood Kid Hangout Spot

On a recent non-school day nine neighborhood kids, ranging in age from 2-11, played in my living room, jumped on our trampoline, and asked me for snacks. The day before, it was eight kids...
parenting failures

Parenting Failures: They Happen to All of Us

Irony can be a cruel knife. As I sit to write this post on parenting failures, I am still seething from the bajillion, and mostly minor injustices that my kids inflicted upon me tonight...
Minecraft Guide for Moms

The Mom’s Guide to Minecraft

  In your house, every other sentence starts with "In Minecraft..." and the kids throw out strange words like 'Enderman' and 'The Nether'. It spreads to other areas of their life, and soon you are...

The State of Babylessness: My Babies Aren’t Babies Anymore

I sit in the rocking chair in the dark bedroom. The aluminum foil on the window, trashy as it may be, does its job of keeping out the midday light. I've been humming "Twinkle...

Christmas Cookies! A Festive Guide for Any Mom

I think it would be safe to assume the majority of you moms have Christmas cookie lovers in your homes, amiright? Kids love cookies so much that when my son was a toddler, if he...

10 Signs You’re Potty Training Your Toddler

  Potty training mamas... Can you relate?    1. You're late to an appointment or to pick up your older kids since your potty-trainer got on and off the toilet 10 times because she couldn't figure out if...

Tidy Up: The Busy Family’s Guide to Home Organization

I was never a bastion of homemaking. It was an art that my hard-working mom didn't have time to perfect in practice, and my brothers and I were too selfish to lend her a...
school year

4 Tips for a Great School Year

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love pumpkin spice-flavored everything, fall leaves, warm sweaters, and most of all, sending my lovable knucklehead kids back to school. The prospect of having seven and a half...

Guilt To Last: My Struggle with Chronic Mommy Guilt

I remember when I said it. Even back then, as a naïve new mom, I knew it sounded crass the moment it came out of my mouth, but it was true. "I don't have any...

Getaway for a Day: Fun-Filled Trips from PDX

I'm hearing the phrase "I'm bored" more and more as the summer goes on. Not that I feel obliged to provide a constant stream of entertainment for my kids, but sometimes I have to...