Nancy Casey is a family nurse practitioner and owner of Teen Health PDX in NE Portland. She specializes in the health of tweens, teens and young adults. She is passionate about talking to teens and their parents about the stuff no one feels comfortable talking about. She has three tweens and teens of her own that keep her on her toes and make her practice what she preaches every day. Because of this she eats more ice cream than she probably should and snuggles her dog more than he would probably like. She moved to Portland from Chicago 7 years ago and is still amazed at how many hills and mountains there are.

What Kind of Mom Will I Be Today?

While emptying the dishwasher this morning I began planning the daily juggle of distance learning, work, and household chores. I began wondering... what kind of parent am I going to be today?  Morning Me is always...

How to Talk to Your Older Kids About Voting

Some kids love politics and civic engagement and some kids don’t care. For the kids that don’t care, I still think it’s important to engage in the discussions, albeit briefly so their minds can...

When Your Child Is Having Social Conflict, Hop in the Back Seat

Few things elicit my momma bear instincts more than when my child’s feelings are hurt because of a friend. It’s a horrible feeling if your child wasn’t invited to a birthday party or if...

When the Protest Gathers Outside Your Front Door

The Facebook posts started mid-morning. A Black Lives Matter protest was happening in the park across the street from my house. I was immediately ambivalent: On the one hand, I was happy that it...

I’m Not Missing Youth Sports Right Now

I, for one, LOVE this break from youth sports. I do not miss carpooling, washing uniforms, or trying to find matching socks. I DO miss watching them play. I miss cheering them on with...

Feeling All the Feels This Quarantine Season

These past few weeks I have been feeling: Anxious: Will I get this? Will someone I know get this? If we do get it, how sick will we be? Will I spread this unknowingly? Will...

Think Your Child Worries Too Much? You’re Probably Right.

If you think your child is anxious, she probably is. You might recognize some of the signs: lots of questions about how things will go down, obsessing over a test or a friend conflict,...
volunteer with kids

Want to Volunteer With Your Kids? Me Too.

My annual resolution to regularly volunteer with my kids is failing. Already. Again. I want to get my kids volunteering more. I’ve been saying this for about three years. They need to step outside of...
middle school rollercoaster

Middle School Drama: How to Get Off the Rollercoaster

Along with changing classes and electives, middle school emotions bring changes that can sometimes feel like you are stuck on a roller coaster. At first, the mood changes might be dismissed as hunger or...

Beyond the Gift Card: 6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Teens

We all know the holidays are about more than gifts, but we do love to buy something thoughtful to show our loved ones we care. Some people are harder to shop for than others,...