Nadia has worn many hats in her personal life and career: mom, matchmaker (professionally and personally), marketer, recruiter, teacher, daughter and sister to name a few. Her true passion is helping people by developing their personal and professional skills so they can be successful in their career. Motherhood has had a different plan for her as she navigates poopy diapers, colicky babies and messy houses. Now, she balances working as a recruiter/career counselor with her toddler son and baby girl.

So You Got the Job Interview: Now What?

If you are anything like me, you suffer from diarrhea of the mouth, especially in high-stress, high-anxiety situations. It’s like nerves make me lose focus and my cool. If you are not like me,...

Marketing Motherhood: Advice on Resumes, Networking and Staying Relevant

People asked me if I’d come back after maternity leave. I laughed and explained to them that five weeks after my due date is our intern farewell event. Given that I had personally recruited,...

A Letter to Sheryl Sandberg on ‘Leaning In’ and Loss

Dear Sheryl Sandberg, My heart aches for you. The news of your husband's passing leaves me speechless. You are an icon. When I consulted on human resource issues, I felt your book so clearly helped women...

Identity Crisis: Fitting in With Our Differences

I'm in the Costco line getting groceries…. Random lady in line: "Where are you from?" Me: "Me? I’m from Beaverton." Random lady: "No, like where are you from from?" Me: "Um, I’m originally from Connecticut." Random lady: "I mean...