Nadia has worn many hats in her personal life and career: mom, matchmaker (professionally and personally), marketer, recruiter, teacher, daughter and sister to name a few. Her true passion is helping people by developing their personal and professional skills so they can be successful in their career. Motherhood has had a different plan for her as she navigates poopy diapers, colicky babies and messy houses. Now, she balances working as a recruiter/career counselor with her toddler son and baby girl.
The Five Stages of a Workout

The Five Stages of a Workout

I’m going to be honest here and say I had no idea what motherhood would do to my body. I look at the jiggle of my tummy and my enormous hips and think, what...

From One Mom to Another: Please Parent Your Kids

As a teacher and mom, I'm seeing a lot of complacency lately when it comes to parenting. Some of it stems from exhaustion or the sheer fear of our children. You might not like...

My First School-Age Birthday Party as a Mom

In a desperate attempt to up my game in the making mom-friends category, I decided to attend a birthday party for my son's classmate from school. It reminded me of high school because all...

Sorry Not Sorry: A Letter to My Second Child

  Dear Child #2,   I am sorry. I am sorry I forgot to plan your birthday party. I am sorry I whipped up a lame birthday party because your brother was born three years and eleven...

My Motherhood in Photos

It happens every few weeks. I scroll through social media and see that photo. It's the photo with the family that looks perfect. Their clothes match down to the accessories and the children appear content,...
buying a home

Buying a Home in Portland: Tips to Find a House and Maintain Your Sanity

As a mom of younger children, the frantic search for buying a home in Portland began with confusion, questions, too few choices, and ended (after two years) with our happily ever after home.In the...

A Love Letter to My Kids’ Nannies and Teachers

Dear Katie, Britton, Stacy, Josh, Suzy, Myra, Holly, School Teachers, and Everyone Else Who Has Helped Parent My Kids, It is with great humility and compassion that I write this tribute to you. You are...
new year

New Year, New You…Or Not

As I sit here and ponder my best moments of last year and my resolutions for the new year, I think about how far I’ve come, how much I’ve accomplished, and how much my...

5 Tips to Manage the Anxiety of Motherhood

I felt the warm water sprinkle on my back as I took a deep breath and let the steam cover the room. I needed this shower and I was thankful for The Baby Channel...

The Debacle Over Public School Boundaries

School boundaries are a big deal right now if you’re in the Portland Public School (PPS) or Beaverton School (BSD) districts.  I am not talking the “please stay out of my space” boundaries. I mean the...