Molly is mother to two daughters: an 8 year old girl who climbs everything and a 4 year old girl who only wears undies. Before becoming a full time mom, she worked as a behavior specialist in the school system, which is not as helpful as you would think when raising your own children. Molly loves feeding her family good food and getting outdoors. While she is all in for parenting with intention, good cooking, Frye boots, and aspiring to a Martha-esque home, Molly freely admits she just isn't all in for homemaking. You can follow her frustrations and celebrations at

Precious Babies Not Birthed How We Planned

  I have two daughters, so have two stories, but they are so integrally related and my first story defines my second and my second defines my first so importantly that they have become one...

To My 8-Year-Old, Now That Life is Tricky

Holy enchiladas, mamas! Eight is so much trickier than I thought it would be, and I've realized I need a new plan. My girl is busy copping an older-than-appropriate attitude, and sauntering out of the room...

Confessions of an Overwhelmed Mama

I am a fraud. It pains me to admit this in a place where the people I have tricked may discover the truth. How is it possible that I am in charge of two children,...
body image

On Sexy Superheroes, Little Girls, and Body Image

My little girl wants to be Wonder Woman. She puts on that outfit and vanquishes bad guys and saves the world. She spins and jumps and lassos until she is stopped mid leap by the...

On Chronic Pain, Parenting, and Gratitude

I started out writing about parenting with chronic pain, but in the brittle light of a different reality, that writing just no longer feels relevant.  I got news today that a beloved in my tribe has a terminal...

Forget Gymnastics: The Case For Non-Traditional Extracurricular Activities

My kids suck at unstructured, inside play. They do this brand of play that is exactly what siblings have been doing since the dawn of time. It's called pick pick pick, poke poke poke,...
National Buy Nothing Day

Black Friday is NOT a Holiday

Black Friday is NOT a holiday. It is the day after Thanksgiving. Which is a holiday. A holiday in which we celebrate the things we are grateful for. We encourage our sweet, greedy little...
screen time kids and phones

Dear Children: No Phone for You. Love, Mom

Dear Sweet Babies, I know that you think I'm being mean. I know that you are trying to understand how the iPad, iPhone, TV, computer or DS something or other will "rot your brain." (It...
iSpark Toys

Brains at Play with iSpark Toys {Local Store Review}

{This post is sponsored by iSpark Toys, and my daughter received a free toy. All opinions expressed are my own.} My 8-year-old girl is super curious about science. She's intrigued by robots. She wants to be...

The Real Reason Why I Make My Kids’ Halloween Costumes

I love hate Halloween. Mostly love. I love pumpkins; I love soup; I love the idea of connecting with my neighbors, even just for a moment as my small dragon and even smaller bunny knock...