Molly is mother to two daughters: an 8 year old girl who climbs everything and a 4 year old girl who only wears undies. Before becoming a full time mom, she worked as a behavior specialist in the school system, which is not as helpful as you would think when raising your own children. Molly loves feeding her family good food and getting outdoors. While she is all in for parenting with intention, good cooking, Frye boots, and aspiring to a Martha-esque home, Molly freely admits she just isn't all in for homemaking. You can follow her frustrations and celebrations at
4 kids with rainboots on in mud

Bullying Prevention Month: Kindness Wins

Before we had our oldest daughter, my husband and I talked about the most important thing we could teach her. There are lots of things to teach. So many, actually, that one might think boiling...
Woman holding up a smiling face over her own face

Imposter Syndrome for Moms

Today I yelled at my daughter for not eating her cereal fast enough. Then we couldn't find matching socks. Then we couldn't find a hair tie. Then I remembered that none of us had...

Let’s Talk About Sex: Five Ways to Make it Less Awkward

Collectively, we do not want to talk about sex with our kids, and they don't want to talk to us. But, here's the deal: they're already talking about it. My daughter is ten. Her...

Scheduling: How to Make Sure You Shower

Are you overwhelmed? Yep. Me too. Can you not seem to get a regular shower? What about having enough of the right kind of cold cereal? Nopity-nope. Me neither. As I sit here writing...

5 Ways to Teach Gratitude and Wipe Out Entitlement

There are a lot of lists out there with tips on how to NOT raise an entitled, obnoxious kid. But here's what those lists don't address; I WANT to give my kids the things...
survive the holidays

Surviving a Family Holiday

Welp, we did it mamas. We survived Thanksgiving. We are firmly ensconced in "The Holidays." I hope your Thanksgiving was a smashing success! My holiday was perfect. And difficult, and teary, and messy, and...
northwest portland

Choosing a Portland Neighborhood: A Mom’s Guide to Northwest

Looking for a great place to raise your sweet babies? Portland has no shortage of great neighborhoods, but I'm partial to Northwest Portland. I've been in the heart of NW for eleven years and...
school community

Back To School Community Building

I miss summer vacation already! I miss the control I have over who I see and what I do, and I miss filling my days with family activities and carving out special time for...
Fit Kitchen

Fit Kitchen Direct: We Tried It and Here’s What Happened {Review +Giveaway!}

Disclaimer #1: Fit Kitchen Direct offered me their Whole30 meals for a week and I agreed to write about my experience.  Disclaimer #2: I'm not a fan of fad diets. In fact I've been known...

Saving the Memories: The Mom Book

We're moms. There are a lot of things we'd like for our birthdays, Christmas, and Mother's Day. Those cute new sandals you can't afford, breakfast in bed (by yourself), a quiet weekend at the...