MK cannot sit idle for long. Consequently, she is an active writer, teacher, editor, performer, athlete, community volunteer, traveler, adventurer, wife, and mom. Her words have been published in newspapers and magazines regionally, nationally, internationally, and virtually. Follow her adventures at:

The Next Big Thing: Navigating The Terrible Twos and Beyond

The days are long but the years are short. Early childhood is the longest shortest time. Yada, yada, yada. Why is parenting such a perplexing conundrum? I call it the cha cha because it...

Oh Boy! A Journey to Boy World

When I was younger and imagined having a child, I only envisioned having a daughter. I’m the oldest of two girls, I once taught at an all-girls’ school, I was a Girl Scout leader...

The 40 Year Old Virgin Mom

I recently turned 40! At this age, I’ve vowed to be kinder to myself starting now and to think a whole lot less about what “people” think of me once and for all. In...

Where Is The Queen Bee Now? Surviving A Bully

For so long I feared her. Insults spouted from her mean vein as naturally as sweat seeped from her pores. She surged in power each time she put me down. The whole class seemed...

No Sitter? No Problem!

We’ve all heard the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” But increasingly in our global society, many new parents settle in places far away from their hometowns or home countries and...

Meet Our New Contributor: MK Resk

I’ve played many mom-like roles in life: teacher, overbearing older sister, Girls on the Run coach, babysitter, mom on stage… but I was never sure I’d be an actual, real-life mom. I was okay...