Growing up in Alaska provided me the strength and tenacity required to be a later-in-life first-time mom. We adore our East Portland home where we welcomed our son, Lincoln, into the family in 2015. Our three cats still aren’t sure what to make of him. I am an avid dragon boater on an amazing and inspiring team of women who truly saved my life and sanity during many of my life’s changes and struggles.
Dragon Boats

5 Ways Dragon Boating Made Me a Better Mom

Maybe you’ve seen us walking down to Tom McCall Waterfront Park or spied us on the Willamette in our dragon-shaped boats. Perhaps you have thought to yourself “who are those people?” or “what are they doing?” Well,...

Oregon’s Kid-Friendly Beer Festivals

Ahhh, beer! For some of us, it's one of the reasons we settled in the Pacific Northwest. If you didn’t move here for the beer, you certainly have come to appreciate the craft beer culture. Summer is approaching...

Relationship Reboot After Baby

It can be an overwhelming task preparing to bring a little love into the world. With all the pre-birth parental decisions about cloth vs. disposable, crib vs. co-sleeping, and daycare waitlists, it never fully...

Having a Baby vs. Running a Marathon

I am not a runner. I have never been a runner. In fact, using the word “run” to describe my physical action is doing a major disservice to actual runners. The truth is I...