Lee Ann

Lee Ann
Lee Ann moved to Portland in 2008 following an eight-year stint in Paris, France, where her eldest was born. Though she thought nowhere could compete with the City of Lights, the City of Roses immediately stole her heart. As a great place to raise kids, she loves getting out and exploring the city and the PNW with her husband and four young children. While in France, Lee Ann earned a B.A. in Journalism and a Master's in Linguistics at the American University of Paris and L'Universite de Paris - La Sorbonne, respectively, before returning stateside to become a Speech-Language Pathologist through the Portland State University graduate program. Throughout her studies, she kept one foot in the digital world, writing content for publications and creating websites for clients. After many years as a medical Speech Pathologist, she left to the field to continue freelance writing, become the owner of Portland Mom Collective (!), and to create a crafting/workshop space for PDX makers. She likes to spend whatever "me" time she can muster making soap, geocaching, jogging, sewing, and staring at the wall with no small humans talking to her. Get in touch by sending a note to leeann {at} portlandmomcollective {dot} com, or follow her on Instagram.
Downtown Portland

A Love Letter to Portland

Roses are red, violets are blue, They say life is weird, and Portland is too. But Stumptown, I love you, and need you to know Why each year that passes, my love seems to grow. I’d like to...
Valentine's Day heart on a string

Celebrating Valentine’s Day the Simple Way

It’s no secret that I love Valentine’s Day. No, not the romance and flowers part; I am a fool for the heart crafts and the cheesy puns. I even love the occasional odd poem....
Person in yoga pose on patio

Bringing Fitness Home: Our Picks for Online Workouts

For years, my main form of exercise was running. I was never wildly great at it, but a steady 3-4 mile run a few days per week kept me happy and feeling fit. However,...
kid cutting down a christmas tree

Keep It Real: 5 Tips on How to Find the Perfect Christmas Tree

2020 has been a doozy. One for the books. Our lives have been upended when it comes to work, school, birthdays, and events. It's time to end this tough year on a good note...
Thanksgiving Scene

Thanksgiving To-Go: Portland Options for a Pre-Made Feast

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time to gather with family and friends... except this year. In true 2020 fashion, many of us are upending our plans and foregoing the typical Thanksgiving experience. With so much...
Kids Jumping during Photoshoot with Shoott

New to PDX: Hassle-Free Photoshoots with Shoott

For professional photos, some people enjoy the search for the perfect photographer, the creation of Pinterest mood boards, and the hunt for the ideal location. I, however, do not. Everything about booking photo shoots...
To do list, journal, coffee

The Productivity Myth: How My To-Do List Haunts Me During Distance-Learning

Every morning starts the same way. I wake up before my children and brew a round of delicious, warm coffee. I breathe in the energy of a Pacific Northwest morning, and I meditate on...
Two kids distance learning

How Distance-Learning Checklists Are Giving Me Life RN (with printable!)

We all have a lot of feelings these days. BIG FEELINGS. As a diehard expert at pushing emotions aside and drowning myself in work, I want to take a moment to say that this...
Distance Learning Desk and Chairs

DIY Home Distance-Learning Classroom

In The Before Time, back-to-school was always a season of excitement and anticipation; this year feels… different. Like a lot of parents, I have a healthy dose of anxiety about this school year, and...
Kid at Computer

Distance Learning and the Digital Divide

When I first heard that schools were transitioning to online learning due to the coronavirus, my first thought was, “But what about all the kids without home internet?” While teachers are being amazing and...