Lee Ann

Lee Ann
Lee Ann moved to Portland in 2008 following an eight-year stint in Paris, France, where her eldest was born. Though she thought nowhere could compete with the City of Lights, the City of Roses immediately stole her heart. As a great place to raise kids, she loves getting out and exploring the city and the PNW with her husband and four young children. While in France, Lee Ann earned a B.A. in Journalism and a Master's in Linguistics at the American University of Paris and L'Universite de Paris - La Sorbonne, respectively, before returning stateside to become a Speech-Language Pathologist through the Portland State University graduate program. Throughout her studies, she kept one foot in the digital world, writing content for publications and creating websites for clients. After many years as a medical Speech Pathologist, she left to the field to continue freelance writing, become the owner of Portland Mom Collective (!), and to create a crafting/workshop space for PDX makers. She likes to spend whatever "me" time she can muster making soap, geocaching, jogging, sewing, and staring at the wall with no small humans talking to her. Get in touch by sending a note to leeann {at} portlandmomcollective {dot} com, or follow her on Instagram.
Solabee Flowers

5 Amazing Plant Shops in Portland and Beyond

I have never been a stranger to hobbies have always loved houseplants. However, the pandemic kicked what was once a casual interest into a full-on obsession, and somewhere in the haze of the past...
Archway of holiday lights as taken from inside a car

Where to See Holiday Lights in the Portland Area

Winter is here. Shorter days mean longer nights, and one unexpected bonus to that arrangement is that it means more hours to enjoy holiday lights. Whether it's your neighbor's yard or a multi-million light...
Modo Lotto Free Ticket for Sign Up Announcement

Skip the Store: Play the Lottery from Anywhere with Mido Lotto {Sponsored}

Many moons ago, a former roommate of mine often marked special occasions with our group of friends by getting everyone Lottery tickets. Birthdays, holidays, fun celebrations --  a handful of tickets for a group...
A road with two directions marked on sign

Decision Fatigue Is Real

Back in March, with vaccinations on the horizon, my husband asked if he could book a trip for his birthday to attend an outdoor concert in another state. It’s been a long-time dream of...

Back-to-School Bash: A Shopping and Celebrity Event at the Columbia Gorge Outlets

Being the fourth kid in the family, one-on-one time with my daughter can be hard to come by. Especially in these past 18 months, when our family has had a loooooottttt of together time,...
Two epinephrine injections on a blue background

Q + A with Dr. Sanjeev Jain :: Food Allergies in Children

Portland Mom Collective is committed to sharing resources and information with families living in the PDX area. In our Q + A Sessions series, we talk to local experts in their fields about common...
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Make the Most of Summer 2021 :: Family Adventures + Camps with Space

It's been a year... and then some. Summer planning has been a bit more challenging in 2021, as many traditional summer options were still uncertain of what the future would bring well into springtime....
Mother's Day Flowers

2021 Mother’s Day :: What Do You REALLY Want?

For our family, last year's Mother's Day manifested in the strangest way: a short, outdoor, socially-distant "brunch" of mimosas and donuts with the extended family, each in its own chalked-off portion of the driveway....
Salmon on a plate of food

Parents of Kids with Food Allergies: Have You Heard of Oral Immunotherapy(OIT)?

When my son Zane was a toddler, we took a short trip to the Oregon coast. While eating at an oceanfront restaurant, my husband ordered his classic favorite of fish and chips. Everyone had...
Earthquake crack in cement

A Mom’s Guide to Earthquake Preparedness (Beyond the Kit!)

Most of us have heard of The Big One, the doomsday term given to a long-overdue earthquake expected to hit the Pacific Northwest some time in the next 50 years. Those with school-age kids...