Leanne is an Oregonian, born and raised. After 12 years of living in North Portland, she and her family made the looooong move to Happy Valley, where she is currently living in suburban bliss. Her journey to motherhood began unexpectedly at the age of 23, when she found herself pregnant with her now 7-year-old son Tabor. After spending four years as a single mom, she met the love of her life on OkCupid. Leanne and her husband James are now happily expecting twins at the beginning of 2017.
Two onesies with Twin 1 and Twin 2 on the front

5 Ridiculous Things People Say When You’re Pregnant with Twins

A woman pregnant with twins seems to be a natural spectacle. And I get it; carrying more than one baby is kind of crazy and fascinating. Seriously, I feel that way on a daily...
sleep regression

Dear Four Month Sleep Regression: You’re Ruining My Life

I shouldn't have been so smug. Not sanctimommy smug. Or tell-you-how-to-parent smug. Just smug in the way a mom can be when she's worked her butt off to get not one, but TWO babies...
Mother's Day ideas

What Portland Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

Ah, Mother’s Day. Twenty-four whole hours dedicated to celebrating us, the women who have embarked on the sacred journey of motherhood. The day when our children are perfectly behaved, we are lavished with gifts,...

The Only Babywearing Jacket You’ll Ever Need {Mountain Marsupial Review + Giveaway}

Seven years ago, I gave birth to a sweet little boy in the middle of summer. A very hot summer. We spent our days trying to stay cool and our nights pacing the sidewalks...
big kid

How I Stay Connected with My Big Kid While Pregnant

My son Tabor has been an only child for seven years. To be honest, he’s got a pretty sweet gig going; undivided attention from not just two, but FOUR parents (his dad and I...
happy with boys

“Do You Know What You’re Having?” Why I’m Happy with More Boys

As a pregnant mom, being asked what I'm having is a question I hear daily. Second only to “wow, when are you due?” because I’m carrying twins and let’s just say I don’t exactly...