Aside from being a writer, Kendra is a Birth Trauma Doula at KarysMa Birth, where she helps moms find their joy after birth trauma. A former middle school English and theatre teacher, she has an insatiable love for learning and a flair for the dramatic. Among the best moments of her life, she counts marrying her husband Steve during a dream rainbow wedding, planning a princess picnic on the beach with her eight year old daughter Karys, giving birth to her one year old daughter Saryn in the middle of a blizzard, and sitting on stage with Glennon Doyle. A Navy brat for the first 13 years of her life, Kendra settled in Virginia for eighteen years before she was finally ready to move again, relocating to Portland in 2014. You can find her work on Portland Moms Blog, The La Leche League Blog, and The Not Your Average Mom Project, as well as the hard drive of her computer.
Picture of Fall Wreath with Pumpkins

Fall Wreaths You Can Make With the Kids

Nothing says home like a seasonal wreath hung from the front door. Even when I don’t do any other decorating, I make sure we have season-appropriate wreaths. My daughter, Karys, has been helping me...
Child on swing with sun shining in background through trees

Particularly Portland Playgrounds: 10 of the Best Places to Play

Your family probably has a favorite neighborhood park within walking distance of your home, but Portland also has hundreds of unique places to play. Here are TEN local playgrounds that are totally worth packing...
View of downtown Portland in summertime

10 Things I Love About Portland Summers

Summer is a great time of year in many places, but Portland summers are extra special. Here’s a list of ten things I love about Portland summers, in no particular order. Note: We make every...
The Right Relief - Bottle and packaging near flowers

The Right Relief for Better Sleep

No Rest for the Weary I don’t know about you, but I find being awake at four in the morning never means anything good. Even in college, when four o’clock was bedtime for some of...
Coworking space

VIDA Coworking: A Magical Place for Moms/Entrepreneurs

There’s a magical new place in Northeast Portland. It’s a place where entrepreneurs can gather for productivity, socializing, and learning with (get this) on-site drop-in childcare for kids 3-12! This place makes the dream...
xfinity mobile

Get Your Family Connected with Comcast Xfinity Mobile

Did you know Comcast has Xfinity stores and Xfinity Mobile services? I didn’t until PMB was invited to the Xfinity store in Tualatin this past June. I had no idea how many things Comcast...
summer slide

Reverse the Summer Slide: Turn Your Kids from Consumers to Producers of Technology

According to experts, children can lose 20-50% of their school year gains in reading and math each summer. These learning losses (called the 'summer slide') become even more dramatic as students move from elementary...

Do What Works Parenting: Discipline

This is part of our Do What Works (DWW) Parenting Series. To read the rest of the posts in the series, click here. Parenting is fraught with choices and few are more difficult than deciding how to...
feeding your family

Do What Works Parenting: Feeding Your Family

This is part of our Do What Works (DWW) Parenting Series. To read the rest of the posts in the series, click here. There are few topics in the parenting world more charged than feeding your...
do what works childbirth

Do What Works Parenting: Pregnancy and Birth

Parenting is flooded with acronyms; CIO, RIE, BLW, EBF, and on and on. I’ve been a mom for almost ten years now, and the only acronym that has worked for me consistently is DWW:...