Katie Carrick

Katie Carrick
Katie is a stay-at-home(ish) mom to a strong-willed toddler and a velcro baby. As an East Coast transplant, she is now fully embracing the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. She spent her pre-children years in the laboratory, working in clinical genetics. Though she still has a great love of science, she has since focused her passion into her writing. Her personal blog is Raised on Love and Science. You can come for the articles but stay for the silly parenting memes. Katie also writes content for a variety of websites and businesses.
realities of breastfeeding

Realities of Breastfeeding I Wish We Talked About More

Before I had my first child, I was blissfully naive about, well, a lot of things. Many moms-to-be have an overly romanticized version of motherhood BEFORE having their first child. No one thinks it...
Oregon Schools Closing May 8

Why Will So Many Oregon Schools Close on May 8?

If you have school-aged children just about anywhere in Oregon (and maybe even if you don’t), you’ve probably heard that SOMETHING is happening this Wednesday, May 8th. School districts all over the state will...
hot mess mom

Why I’m Not a Hot Mess Mom (and Neither Are You)

Since you’re reading a self-proclaimed mom blog, it’s safe to assume you're familiar with the stereotypical mom “types” you might find on something like a Buzzfeed quiz. Crunchy, PTA, Soccer, Fitness, Hot Mess, Parenting...
Galentine's Day

Assemble Your Girl Squad, Galentine’s Day Is Approaching

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Okay, it’s not really a secret. However, it is quickly becoming one of the most beloved holidays of the year. Oh and it’s all for...

Building a Network of Support after a Move

You did it! You packed up your family and decided to make a go of it in (or around) Portland. Congratulations, you are now a Portland transplant, like most of us. It is a...