Katie C

Katie C
Katie is a stay-at-home(ish) mom to a strong-willed toddler and a velcro baby. As an East Coast transplant, she is now fully embracing the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. She spent her pre-children years in the laboratory, working in clinical genetics. Though she still has a great love of science, she has since focused her passion into her writing. Her personal blog is Raised on Love and Science. You can come for the articles but stay for the silly parenting memes. Katie also writes content for a variety of websites and businesses.
A father holding and staring at his newborn baby with a smile on his face in front of a teal background

These Pictures of Dads Meeting Their Kids May Cause Sweaty Eyes for Father’s Day

We celebrated moms meeting their kids for Mother's Day, and now it's time for the dads! I can't speak on behalf of dads because, well, I'm not one. But, I have watched a number of...
image from above of a child playing with toys on the floor wearing a christmas hat that says Santa's Helper

Keeping It Local: 2021 Holiday Gifts for Kids from PDX-Area Businesses

In a typical year, I would not be even contemplating holiday gift buying until after Thanksgiving. I am just not that person. BUT, this is (again) no ordinary year. I don't know if you've...

How to Get the Perfect Holiday Family Photo in 10 “Easy” Steps

Tis’ the season to receive holiday cards from friends near and far. You've probably spotted a holiday-themed family photo or two and thought, "Wow, how did they get that shot?" The kids are behaving, the...
newborn baby wrapped in indigo fabric with look of surprise on their face

Surprise, Baby!

"Well, 2020 was pretty weird", I thought to myself as I began 2021. Little did I know what 2021 had in store for me. In August of 2020, I headed BACK into the workforce full-time...
Rows of lab vials

Prenatal Genetic Testing (in the Smallest Nutshell I Can Manage)

For many moms-to-be, prenatal genetic testing may be entirely out of mind. These tests sound stressful, scary, or complicated. Let's keep it real: sometimes it is. However, the reality is almost EVERY pregnancy will...
women with black and green hair covering her face laying down on a pink background with headphones on

I’m a Mom OBSESSED with Podcasts and Here Are My Recommendations

I love podcasts like Oprah loves bread. Do I have a problem? Maybe. But why not leverage my obsession for your own benefit? Whether you're dipping your toe into the podcast pool for the first time...
Letter tiles spelling out "THE WORD" on a pile of books

I Hate New Year’s Resolutions, So I Picked a Single Word

Ah, a new year. The Earth has completed another full revolution around that burning star that is the Sun. If there’s one thing that I can count on in these uncertain times, it’s the...
image depicting donations via a woman holding her hands out with coins and a piece of paper that says make a change

10 Portland-Area Nonprofits to Support on Giving Tuesday 2020

It’s probably obvious that 2020 has been pretty difficult across the board. The Portland area is lucky to have a variety of nonprofits helping fill the needs of our neighbors. With that said, nonprofits...
Kitta Bodmer Photography image of family of four standing in front of their home laughing together

8 Front Porch Photos of Portland Families During the Pandemic

2020 has been...weird? hard? unprecedented? The correct answer is all of the above. Yes, this year started off like most, but quickly devolved into school closings and quarantines. The summer has been a *slight* reprieve,...
Honey Cookie Co Golden Girls Featured Image

9 Instagram-Worthy Cookies You Didn’t Even Know You Needed in Your Life

I've found myself smitten with a delightful little part of Instagram these days: designer cookies. Yes, beautifully decorated cookies with some of the most inventive, creative, and funny illustrations. So, really, what's not to...