After visiting family in Oregon as a young girl, Kathleen became smitten with the Pacific Northwest and decided that someday she would settle and raise a family in this rainy wonderland. Bitten by the travel bug, she went to college, travelled, studied and worked in Europe for 3 years. But upon her return to New Mexico where she grew up, she knew it was time to pursue that childhood dream. She moved to Portland in 2003 with her adventurous fiance (now husband) who she met on an elevator. She still pinches herself occasionally when she realizes how blessed they are to live in this amazing state. Kathleen is mother to two entertaining children. The flexibility of her part-time job as a writing instructor at a local college allows her to work mostly from home, as well as home school her oldest child two days per week. When she’s not grading essays, wiping snotty noses, or picking up dog poo, she spends her time gardening, discovering hiking trails, teaching herself the fiddle, and exploring Oregon with her little brood.
Many trees in fall colors along Hood River with a view of Mt Hood in the background

5 Fall Family-Friendly Spots Around the Hood River Fruit Loop

This time last year my kids and I set off to explore the Hood River Fruit Loop, a  scenic 35 mile loop around the Hood River Valley about one hour east of Portland in the...
d word

A Teacher’s Plea: Don’t Teach Your Kids the “D” Word

"I can't believe you failed me! I worked hard in this class and I deserve a passing grade." My student emailed me this message recently after she discovered her final grade at the end of...
st. patrick's day

Family-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Events Around Portland

Whether you're Irish or not, Portland is a fantastic place to be on St. Patrick's Day. Between our growing number of Irish pubs and popular community events, you will find plenty of ways to...

Affordable Oregon Adventures: Use Your Local Library as A Pass for Discovery

I owe a great debt to my local library for helping to maintain my mental health. When I'm at my wits end and need a place to take the children without spending money, the...
Coffee Shops

Four Kooky Portland Coffee Shops to Visit with Kids

The holidays are over. The sky is gloomy, hiking trails are muddy, and it seems every treadmill at the gym has already been claimed. Portland in January can feel sort of "meh." Since the...

Let Them See You Read: Fostering a Love for Books in Children

"I don't like school and I hate to read!" My second grader sobbed as I sat at the kitchen table and watched helplessly as giant tears dripped on her folded hands. "But reading is wonderful! Why...

Starting a Home-Based Business: Tips from Local Mompreneurs

Summer is over and the kids are back at school. You're thinking this might be the time to create that home-based business you've been dreaming of. But how? I interviewed three local moms with successful...

A Parent’s Guide to Visiting Oregon Wineries with Children

One of Portland's biggest perks is its proximity to world class wines and wineries. Before I had children, I took every opportunity to visit and go wine tasting in our region's wine country. The rolling hills...
old steam engine train running in a tree covered area near Portland

6 Railway Rides the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Trains seem to possess a magical quality that sparks the interest of every child. When my daughter was two, she could name every Thomas the Train character and always shouted "Percy!" every time she saw...

Finding Balance in Motherhood: Hang Onto Your Hobbies

Motherhood is synonymous with sacrifice. From the moment of conception, we sacrifice our bodies. As our bellies grow, so do the stretch marks. Moms sacrifice sleep, hot meals, and sanity. Oh, sweet sanity! I...