Karen Liu

Karen Liu
Karen Liu is a Portland artist, statistician, and mom of two. She spent her youth in China. Since then she has lived in BC, Seattle, and eventually settled in Portland. She spends her days juggling between her two opinionated young girls and her job. Karen started selling her drawings when she was 7 for the cost of half a popsicle, but her teacher called her parents and put an end to that venture. These days, she works on portrait commissions for more art supplies. Aside from doodling, Karen, like many others, likes to talk about herself, which mostly means that she can’t help but getting into arguments on the topics of the immigration experience, science, and childrearing. Even though her parents and aunties have always told her to be less contrarian, at this point, she is only hoping she will learn it by the time her kids get into their teen years.
Cartoon of a child in glasses and three question marks.

Sometimes, Just Pat Yourself on the Back for Trying…

Once in awhile, you get caught off guard. You realize you are failing while trying to explain some convoluted concept to a creature half your height who can't even comprehend that Portland is smaller...