Jessica is a pediatric occupational therapist and owner of The Wiggle Room, an indoor play space for all abilities in the Hollywood neighborhood. Jessica’s greatest passion is helping children and their families live a great life no matter what their abilities. She loves spending time with her husband and two boys walking in their NE Portland neighborhood, at the beach, or on their sailboat. Day dates, DIY projects that actually get completed, naps, and consignment shops also make her smile.
prepare moms for kindergarten

Adjusting to Kindergarten…For Moms

There is a lot of talk about kids adjusting to kindergarten and it’s all very important. It is a big adjustment. But what about preparing for the changes a mom goes through when her...
comcast business

How Comcast Business Helps The Wiggle Room Run Smoother

While planning to open our business, we knew we would need reliable and fast internet to allow our customers access to wifi while enjoying our space. As a small business, we also needed a...
packing for the beach

6 Packing Essentials for the Beach

Looking back to my childhood trips to the beach, I have visions of my mom carrying tons of gear to and from the beach all summer long. I remember her wise words: "If you...
oregon city

Staycation Fun in Oregon City

I sort of despise the term staycation. To me it means staying at home trying to keep two little ones entertained while everyone else is on an island drinking margaritas at a swim-up bar....
love and marriage

Dear Husband…Love, Your Resentful, Jealous, and Distracted Wife

By nature I am a very non-confrontational person. I do not like to argue, fight, or disagree. I am also a people-pleaser, which is both a gift and a curse. With a husband who...
check in

Teaching Little Ones to “Check In”

My sister mentioned to me she has started to teach her daughter to “check in.” She learned this strategy from the way I parent my kids. It got me thinking about why I taught...
flying with kids

Staying Sane When Flying With Children

Does the idea of flying with your little one conjure images of calming a screaming child while all the other passengers sip wine? While prepping for a trip to Europe with our four-month-old a...
out of the house

Getting Out of the House with Children

Getting out of the house on time is nearly impossible with children! There was a period of time when I constantly raised my voice before 8 a.m. That is not the way I wanted...