Seedlings growing in small cups

Can’t Get Your Kids to Eat their Veggies? Plant a Garden!

Just like you don’t have to run a marathon to call yourself a runner, you don’t have to plant a huge garden to call yourself a gardener! Whether it’s planting a few herbs in your windowsill,...

Just Say, ‘Why Not?’

The other morning before the sun had even risen, my very charming four-year-old ran into our bed room and shook me awake. Our conversation went like this: My son: "Mama, Mama, I have a great idea!" Me:...

Belly Up to the Barre {Xtend Barre Review + Giveaway}

As a busy, working mom to a toddler, it can feel nearly impossible to make fitness a part of my regular routine. I travel frequently for work, so the thought of going to the...

Loving (and Hating) the Pink Ribbon: How to Truly Honor a Breast Cancer Survivor

October is breast cancer awareness month. It would be nearly impossible for you not to know this. Come October, it's quite difficult to go anywhere without seeing pink ribbons flying, buildings lit up in...

Learning to Love Myself More {Giveaway}

{The Portland Moms Blog team had the awesome opportunity to partner with the locally based Love You More Project for this sponsored post. All opinions are my own.} One of the perks of writing for this site is...

One and Done: Answering the Inevitable Question

My intention was always to have at least two kids. My husband is an only child and felt quite strongly about having a sibling for our then almost three year old. It was while...

Oregon Coast Getaway: Our Family Weekend in Manzanita

Last month we spent a long weekend in Manzanita--a great little town to take your family for a weekend away! And since it’s only about 90 minutes from Portland, it’s a pretty easy drive...

Jamming with Your Littles: Making Freezer Jam is a Breeze!

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to can and preserve all of the amazing fruits and veggies that we grow in our garden and pick up at our local...

Prepare Your Little Ones for the ‘Big One’: Create a Simple Earthquake Kit

The media has been abuzz the last couple of weeks with the threat of the “really big one”--a large earthquake predicted to hit here in the Pacific Northwest. I am not among the “doomsday” planners;...

Traveling With Young Kids:  Five Things to Remember

Traveling with your young children can instill fear in the strongest of parents, but it doesn’t need to be a stressful, difficult experience. In fact, with a bit of planning ahead, it can actually...