Hyland is mom to two-year-old Isla and fur-baby, Chester, with a full-time career as a corporate attorney. She grew up in New Orleans, where she developed a passion for cooking that later lead her to culinary school in New York. Although she isn’t often preparing beef borguignon or mile high soufflés, those skills come in handy when juggling a demanding career with picky toddler eating habits. She later moved to Denver where she attended law school, acquired a love for skiing and biking and started a family. In order to be closer to family as a single mom, Hyland packed up her bags and moved to Portland, where she is growing to love the rain through the eyes of her sweet and imaginative daughter. Hyland loves traveling and is currently looking for the next passport stamp for her and Isla.
role models stay-at-home dad

“Uncle-Dads:” Male Role Models When Dad Isn’t Around

My daughter and I were reading before bed, just as we do every evening, but this time something different happened. As I read ‘Time to get up’ said daddy. ‘Wake up sleepy head’ said...

Kicking the Addiction: Going Media-Free

When I was pregnant with my daughter, we decided to raise her media-free for at least the first few years. I carefully considered how to implement the plan of eliminating television, tablets, and yes,...
Just a Mom

Please Stop Saying You’re ‘Just a Mom’

I was texting with a new friend recently, and asked if she could get together for lunch during the week. I prefaced my question by asking if she “works” because, as a mom who...

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Having a Baby

I wish I had known certain things before giving birth to my daughter about what the first postpartum weeks and months would look like. As they happened, I wondered why no one told me...
me time

Making Time for Mom When You’re Also Playing Dad

These days, it seems that everyone is busy. Too busy. But as a single mom, the word takes on a whole new meaning for me. Grocery shopping? I'll do that! Bath time, story time,...

Embracing the Yes Life

Last night my daughter woke up from a nightmare saying “no, no, no.” As I held her little body in my arms, her head resting on my chest, she sank back into a deep...