Chara Donahue is a wife, stay at home mom of four, and a teacher/counselor at her church in Oregon. She holds a MSEd from Corban University and is passionate about being a voice that says, "Hey we are in this together, and there is room for us all." She can often be found with her nose in a book and coffee in hand, but enjoys freelance writing and speaking to women when the kids are out playing with dad. You can find more from Chara at or on Twitter @CharaDonahue.

Childhood Community: Why Your Kids Need It

When I was a kid, I spent many Sundays at my uncle's house listening to people yell excitedly at the television as football teams battled it out. I often sat there snacking with a...

Hey Kids, How ‘Bout These for Resolutions?!

My kids are getting ready to compose their glittery goals commonly known as New Year's resolutions. I think it's commendable they want to learn their multiplication facts, ambitious to want to play the viola...

To My Christmas Baby: On Turning 10

To my Christmas baby girl, who is turning 10,  You arrived on Christmas Eve, and we swaddled you in a stocking. We sat mooning over your silver blond hair while The Christmas Story played quietly...

Cook Thanksgiving Dinner? No Thanks!

I am that member of the family. The one who asks her husband to cook the turkey. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. My mama is coming, we are going to my sister's...

Lice Survival Guide

I am a survivor of what felt like a plague that left us quarantined from the rest of the world until it could be eradicated. An infestation of the dreaded pest all elementary school parents...

20 Acts of Three-Year-Old Vengeance

Some days, I can't help but wonder if my lovable, baby-fat-losing three-year-old is out to get me. How about you? They say that the twos are terrible, but once these cuties turn three they've...

A Mother Never Forgets

The sun still rose. It was one of those days when it felt like an accomplishment to even wake up. September 11, 2001 had finally come. I thought maybe my mourning would finally be...

Meet Our New Contributor: Chara Donahue

  Confession: I wasn't born and raised in Oregon. Before we moved to the Beaver State I was told repeatedly it would behoove me to tell people we were from Ohio, rather than California. Apparently there...