As a teenager Beverley dreamed of being a glamorous career woman. She proclaimed to anyone that asked that she wouldn’t ever be having children, and likely wouldn’t be married. Thankfully, life didn’t happen as she planned! Fast forward to present day, she’s an expert juggler of three adorable, crazy kids and full-time career. She lives in Hillsboro with her husband and her wild brood. Beverley loves makeup, bargain shopping and a good book. (Does anyone not love those things!?) You can follow her lunchbox drawings for her daughters on Instagram at @illustrate_her.
Close up of toddler's hand while sleeping soundly

We Had a Good Run: Closing the Nursing Chapter

I turned off the bedside light and was quiet for a moment, then said, "I think we're done nursing."  My husband, who falls asleep practically the moment his head hits the pillow, replied, "Well,...

Navigating Maternity Leave in Oregon

So, you're pregnant, or maybe you're planning on being pregnant in the near future. All you can think about is how you can't wait to see that sweet baby in adorable tiny clothes or...

How Mama Got Her Fitness Groove Back {Review + Giveaway}

{This post is sponsored by Crunch Live. Following my review, they have a great fitness giveaway for one lucky reader and a special offer for all of you!} I remember the days before I had...

Dear Working Mama, You Don’t Have to Do It All

Dear Working Mama, I'm here to tell you something. You don't have to do it all...and that's ok. Just because you're the mama doesn't mean you have to do every single thing. It's taken me...

Arts and Crafts Fail: A Story of Slime

It was a gray, rainy Saturday afternoon; the baby was napping, and my two girls refused to be entertained by Disney princesses or the good clean fun of coloring books. No, they had an...

Pump It Up! Funny Pumping Stories

Oh, the breast pump! Such a gloriously functional contraption, am I right? Mine enabled me to continue to supply my babies with breast milk for as long as my heart desired, even after returning...

Creative Date Nights in Portland

No matter if you've been together one year or ten, all parents need a bit of time together to recharge and reset their relationship. Yes, I'm talking date night! Make time for each other,...

Four Phrases Working Moms Never Want To Hear

Today's moms are given countless labels, but there are two particularly polarizing ones - Working Mama and Stay at Home Mama. We are all so different that one would think it is almost impossible...

{Outside of} Infertility

I've got a secret. I’ve been on the outside for almost exactly 7 years to the day. You know that scene in the movie Groundhog Day (I may be aging myself a bit here) where...

{Places We Love} 4 Things We Love About The Library

As much as I hate to admit it, my family and I are creatures of habit. Like all true Oregonians, we love a good adventure once in awhile. Unfortunately, when you have only the...