Anna De Salvo is a mom, wife, speaker, and course creator for working moms. She helps working moms reclaim the hours so they have the energy to juggle it all. Her passion is helping other moms find the time to do the one thing that would make them feel amazing. As a working mom, she consistently is looking for ways to improve her time freedom, and happiness so she can show up for her family. You can find her at for tips, strategies, and recipes that are timesaving and family-friendly. If you are looking for the hours in the day to juggle it all, grab her time-saving system to stop feeling pulled in a million directions:
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Reimagining Life and Holidays in a Pandemic

Here we are, months into a Global Pandemic. Many of us are still at home, facing the holidays and wondering how it might be different this year.  Planning during uncertainty is rather challenging. However,...

How to Create Calm at Home with a Teen in Quarantine

The life of a teen parent is full of small quibbles, loud noises, and messes that may never get cleaned up. With distance learning, we fall into the trap of reminding them to turn...
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Plan for Distance Learning: No-Stress Fall

We are social-distancing and working from home... and in-person school is out for fall. This is the new normal. For many, distance learning in the spring did not prove to be successful. We were...
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Stop Getting Arm-Grabbed and Start Having a Night of Ease

You know the feeling. The one where you get home and suddenly everyone needs you, right now, no exceptions. That’s mom life with constant interruptions or getting arm-grabbed. It doesn’t have to be this...

Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions and Start Creating Your Best Year Yet!

The end of the year sets the stage for us to reflect on all of our past resolutions. You know, the ones we vowed to accomplish at the end of last year? The ones...
Kids Cooking During Holidays

How to Create New Holiday Traditions

Halloween is over, and suddenly we are faced with the next holiday on the list! The anxiety starts mounting; we start thinking of making others happy, all the while we just want to stay...