Amanda is a 31-year-old wife and mom, occasional secretary, on-pause knitter, sparse writer, and postpartum doula. Amanda neglects her dishes and laundry to play with her kids. She stays up too late and wakes too early. She loves volunteering at her sons’ school. One of her goals is to get a macaroni and cheese tattoo because she loves pasta that much. She enjoys learning about nature and early childhood education psychology. She’s a strong enneagram 4 which brings all the feelings. She hopes to grow into the hardcore, cool boy mom of her dreams. She mostly grew up in the Portland metro area but has also lived in AZ, VA, ND, and CA. She has been married to her sorta high-school sweetheart for almost 9 years. She and her husband have two sons - Oliver(4) and Osten(1). She currently lives in Unincorporated Hillsboro renting an old farmhouse there.
up close image of the hands an older Indigenous woman

7 Ways to Honor Indigenous Peoples’ Day

A handful of years ago, I looked through stacks of our old family photos. I came across one picture that left a pit in my stomach. How much celebration of white supremacy can fit in a...
woman chopping herbs

“If You Can’t Stand the Heat” Summer Dinner Ideas

The Heat My farmhouse kitchen window faces west, which is pleasant for washing sunset dishes. But during the summer, the hot afternoon sun heats my kitchen before I even start cooking. Like the majority of...
child packed for vacation

Packing for a Family Vacation: Things to Consider

The Search for Lost Treasure “Ugh, I can’t believe I forgot to pack it. I didn’t even think about it!” I yelled toward my husband who was helping our toddler in the bathroom. We were on...
mother and son holding hands

Are You and Your Child Compatible? Let’s Talk Temperament.

The Struggle From the first moment I held my son, I felt I had always known him, as though we fit together seamlessly. But lately, I struggle with him. He is so full of zest, such...
vintage tv on stand with yellow flowers

I Became 3 TV Moms for a Week

Hand me the remote Discouraged, I slumped to the ground. My kids yelled at me and I yelled back. I got stressed and lost my patience. I failed. Yet again. If only I were the perfect...
Kid shoes in leaves

4 Tips for Helping Your Preschooler Dress Independently

“It’s Time to Go!” Oh geez. We only have ten minutes. “Son, come on! Put that toy down and get your shoes on!” Ok, I have my phone, wallet, keys, diaper bag…..oh! The snacks! “Son, what are you...