An Open Letter to The First Day Of Summer


Dear First Day Of Summer,

Welcome! I’m so, so, so glad you’re here! The kids and I have been waiting for you. You are our favorite! We love that you will let us turn off the alarm clock as we stay up too late, relaxing into the long evenings of soft laughter, warm outdoor fires, and toasted marshmallows.


Please bring on the warm sunshine, the longer days, and the loose routine. We really are expecting a lot from you this year!

I hope you’re bringing a lot of hot temperatures because we are ready to play in the water! We can’t wait to visit Klineline Pond at Salmon Creek in Vancouver, the splash pad at Essex Park in southeast, the Wilson Outdoor Pool in southwest, and the Jamison Square Fountain in the Pearl District. These excursions will not be fun if it’s raining, so please don’t send us any.

first day of summer

Well, maybe just a little rain would be okay. It might be a nice break from the heat. We can hang out indoors at OMSI, take in a $1 movie at Regal Cinemas, or even just pop some popcorn and binge watch Netflix at home.

That’s what we love most about you, summer! You give us the freedom to just go with the flow! The BBQs with all our best friends. Oh, the BBQs! Hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon, strawberries, fresh summer salads, and ICE CREAM! What a wonderful friend you are, summer, to bring us all this wonderful food! You don’t bring us just one great meal, like autumn offers, but rather a whole season of get-togethers with great food and great friends.

Summer, you really are the best! Do me a favor, though, and remind me of that a month from now. I know by then the kids will be getting antsy. Please remind me that it’s not my job to keep them entertained. While I really do want to give them the best summer ever, this is my vacation too. Remind me that I’m entitled to say “no” to some of their requests. Boredom won’t kill them. They are capable of setting up their own games of kick-the-can, hide-and-seek, and freeze tag. Lord knows Phineas and Ferb’s parents don’t entertain them. Hmm, speaking of Phineas and Ferb, remind me to add that to our Netflix playlist.


So summer, I guess the question now is what do we do first?! I’m thinking it’s going to be a great night for a fire with marshmallow roasting. What’s that you say? It’s the middle of the week? Aw, who cares? There’s no early morning scheduled for us tomorrow!

See? You really are awesome. So glad you’re here!

Love,  All the Moms


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