Meet-and-Greet with Booboo Stewart Comes to the Columbia Gorge Outlets on Aug 13

We're delighted to partner with the Columbia Gorge Outlets to bring you the news of this exciting event on August 13 from 12-2pm!
I don’t know about your kids, but mine keep streeeeeetching. Last week, after a full summer of wearing the same three pairs of shorts, my teenager put on some pants for a special occasion. What the what? Despite how prepared his ankles suddenly appeared for a flood, we are clearly not ready for a time in the not-to-distant future when he will need pants on daily basis.
Every year, back-to-school shopping seems to catch me by surprise. With four kids who grow on their own timelines, it takes these kinds of wake-up calls to remind me that their needs may have changed since the last time I took any inventory of their wardrobe. Fortunately, I also schedule our annual pilgrimage to the Columbia Gorge Outlets to be sure we stock up on necessities before the madness of the school year begins in earnest.
Meet and Greet with Booboo Stewart at the Columbia Gorge Outlets
This year will promise to be a particularly fabulous outing, because we’re timing our trek the tandem with the Columbia Gorge Outlet’s Meet-and-Greet event on Saturday, August 13. From 12-2, Booboo Stewart, also known as Jay from Disney’s “The Descendants” and Seth Clearwater from “Twilight” series, will be on-site to say hello and sign autographs.
Look, I’m not saying that I most certainly binge-watched all the movies in the “Twilight” saga on Amazon Prime a few months ago, I’m just recognizing that it’s a possibility. But I AM saying that my kids are pumped to meet Booboo Stewart, since “The Descendants” ran on repeat in our household for a very, very long stretch.
So here is our game plan:
  1. Make the straightforward trek (maaaaaybe 20 minutes from our house via 84) to arrive at the Columbia Gorge Outlets in Troutdale a little before noon.
  2. Grab our spot in line with the rest of the fans. I love this part. My kids have done this before, so I know this will be a hilarious experience, as they try to act cool about meeting a celebrity while simultaneously giving all the indications that they are nervously excited.

    Red Carpet with Ashleigh Murray
    Kids barely keeping their cool when meeting Ashleigh Murray of “Riverdale” at the Columbia Gorge Outlets Meet-and-Greet event in 2019.
  3. Approach Booboo Stewart, who will likely ask totally normal and friendly questions. Watch as my children become starstruck and completely lose their knowledge of any words or sentences.
  4. Walk away to the chatter of kids saying, “That was so awesome!” as they come down from the nervous excitement to process.
  5. Enter the drawings for gift cards from outlet stores such as Tommy Hilfiger, Gap Factory Store, Eddie Bauer, Pendleton, and Coach. Cross all the things in the hopes of winning!
  6. Hit up any of the following awesome deals to stock up for 2022-2023 (most end 8/17, more deals to come!):
    1. Columbia Factory Store: Lunch Bags and Water Bottles Mix & Match – Buy One, Get One 50% Off
    2. Levi’s Outlet: Up to 50% off select styles (we usually spend a lot of time at this one!)
    3. Carter’s Outlet: Back-to-School Dresses and Activewear, up to 50% off
    4. Loft Outlet: Pants and jeans, Buy One, Get One for $10
    5. Columbia Factory Store: Kids graphic tees starting at $9.99
    6. Also, despite our accidentally preparation for a flood, we are always woefully surprised by the onset of rain. You’d think after 15 years of living in Portland, I’d remember every fall to make sure everyone has raincoats. I always make sure to stop by both the Columbia and Eddie Bauer Outlets to see what kind of bargains we may find before the rainy season starts.

The Columbia Gorge Outlets offer more fun, family-friendly, events throughout the year. Follow them on Facebook or check out their website for details!

Columbia Gorge Outlets
450 NW 257th Way
Troutdale OR 97060

Mon-Sat 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Sun 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

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