Toys for Kids AND Moms: Play Fair PDX Review

Play Fair PDX has sponsored this post, however, all opinions and childhood glee expressed over their toys are our own.

If you’ve ever watched a group of kids gathered around a pile of birthday gifts, you know exactly how my kids’ faces looked when Play Fair PDX‘s Play Box arrived on our front porch. They couldn’t wait to tear open the huge cardboard box and see what was inside.

Play Fair PDX

My older daughter had two (super lucky) friends over for a play date on the day the Play Fair PDX box arrived, so I was mobbed by two eight-year-olds, a seven-year old, and a 19-month-old all squealing with excitement as I pulled each toy from the box. Even with the large age spread, each of the girls found something to enjoy.

Fun for Little Kids

My 19-month-old daughter loved the Peppa Pig camping play set, and the older girls patiently showed her how Peppa and her family could drive the camper, have a picnic, and play on the slide. She also loved the Play Fair vinyl creature, which resembles a Yeti, and she quickly customized it with her sparkly marker.

Fun for Big Kids

The big girls took turns playing with the kinetic sand, the glittery Trolls stickers and tattoos, and the Playmobil Explorer building set. The Wrap-N-Snap bracelet is sure to be part of my eight-year-old daughter’s back-to-school outfit, and we have plans to play the 9DKP (kats vs. zombies) game, which the internet assures me is easier to learn than Pokémon!

Fun for Everyone

Play Fair PDX

All four children enjoyed reading the Ten Horse Farm pop-up book, which is one of the most ornate pop-up books I have ever seen. The only problem I saw was if I want the book to stay nice, I’ll have to keep it out of reach of my toddler, our family’s resident toy destroyer, until her destructive phase has passed!

For the purposes of this article, I wanted to see how the kids liked playing with all of the toys, but if I were to purchase more toys from Play Fair PDX, I would dole the toys out more slowly to contain the chaos and prolong the fun. The box contained a nice variety of toys for different ages and interests, several of which would be perfect for my holiday and birthday present stash which I keep stocked with a variety of fun toys to wrap up if we don’t have time to shop before parties and festivities.

Fun for Moms

Enjoy the quiet time you can take for yourself while your kids are busy for hours enjoying Play Fair PDX toys, and who knows, you might even find something for yourself! I held one item in the box back for myself, claiming the Trolls: The Beat Goes On soundtrack as my new CD for in the car! It’s full of upbeat music that I can enjoy instead of listening to “The Wheels on the Bus” on repeat.

Your kids can play with all of these toys and many more when Play Fair PDX, a celebration of play and entertainment for all ages, comes to Portland’s Oregon Convention Center on September 7-9. Running in conjunction with Rose City Comic Con, not only will there be toys galore, but the opportunity to meet your kids’ favorite characters like Peppa Pig, PJ Masks, and Branch and Poppy from the Trolls at this interactive and fun-filled live event! 

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