The 10 Best Portland Mother’s Day Brunches


I love to eat. No, seriously. Breakfast or brunch out on the town is my ultimate weakness. With their mimosas and dark, slow-roasted Ethiopian coffee, it’s enough to make me swoon! My favorite people know this about me, and I am always so excited for my birthday, anniversary, or Mother’s Day weekend, because I know my belly is gonna get spoiled BIG TIME!

I am well aware and don’t even care that many of these fancy, all-you-can-eat and drink buffets downtown or seated beside beautiful, waterfront views will cost the same as a month’s worth of normal dinners out, or even a mortgage payment. It’s my day, and I’m gonna hit that buffet!


If you’re like me and want to be spoiled rotten (or maybe treat your own mama) by having a fancy meal on Mother’s Day, here are my top fave brunch spots. But be warned; many need advance reservations, so drop some not-so-subtle hints to the hubs or call them yourself and book your feast today. Literally. Right NOW.

1. Mother’s Bistro

Because, duh, it’s in the name! This American home-style eatery is a Portland landmark with its big plates of yummy, slow-cooked, comfort food goodness. Reservations are ALWAYS required on the weekends, so if you want to go on your special day, call ASAP! Also, note that they have moved! They are now at 121 SW 3rd. Still downtown.

2. The Oregon Zoobrunch

This is a great one if you have littles because before or after dining you can stroll through the zoo and visit some of their notable moms and families, like painted dog Ella and her new pups! Reservations required.

3. The Portland Spirit

Really pricie, but super fun to cruise up and down the Willamette or Columbia rivers, sipping mimosas and gorging yourself silly at the all-you-can-eat buffet. They offer a morning and afternoon brunch as well as a Mother’s Day dinner cruise on both their Portland and Columbia Gorge ships, too! Advance reservations and payment is required.

4. Multnomah Falls

Okay, so it’s not exactly Portland, but The Multnomah Falls Lodge boasts one of the best Sunday brunch buffets with breath-taking views of the falls (recently reopened after the fire!). And they’re cooking up something even more special on Mother’s Day with both brunch and dinner buffets! Reservations are not required, but certainly a good idea for this special day.

5. 23 Hoyt

Not a traditional buffet-style, this high-end eatery offers a three-course brunch with choices like caramel apple french toast, bacon and gruyere quiche, or duck confit benedict. And with $2 mimosas, I’m getting verklempt just thinking about it! Reservations encouraged.


6. High Tea

I love tea time! Tiny sandwiches, mouth-watering pastries, lemon curd, and pages and pages of loose leaf tea to choose from. This English and Russian-inspired tradition is not something we see often in the states, but Portland actually has some really good spots to get your tea on! Why not on Mother’s Day? A lot of these places are HOPPING, so always make reservations!

Hotel Deluxe Portland Celebrate Mother’s Day early with Gracie’s English tea service and champagne on Thursday and Friday at 3 p.m.

Headwaters Russian Tea Experience Mother’s Day brunch instead of their usual Russian tea service.

Clockwork Rose Already completely booked through June, but make a note to call reservations in ~two month or more in advance because this place is small but EPIC!

Tea’s Me A smaller tea room in Hillsboro, but offers a Mother’s Day tea on Saturday and Sunday at a less expensive rate than the bigger high tea spots. Advance reservations and payment required.

7. Brix Tavern

I love this place for breakfast on any ole weekend. Who can resist their fresh, hot, sweet, and FREE doughnuts for every table?! Reservations highly recommended for their Mother’s Day brunch buffet.

8. McMenamins

Not my absolute favorite, but with so many of their restaurants all over Portland, it’s a great brunch in a pinch (you know, if you or some loved one who shall remain nameless completely forgot to book in advance!), and it’s a bit cheaper than others on this list. Reservations recommended but not required at all locations:

Francis Theater

Cornelius Pass Roadhousebrunch and Plant & Gift Sale

Anderson School

Kennedy School

Edgefield and Plant Sale

Kalama Harbor Lodge

More to come, I’m sure!

9. Blue Hour

I’ve been to Blue Hour for a Sunday brunch, but not for Mother’s Day, where it looks like instead of a buffet, they offer a three course meal with 3-7 choices for a flat price. Mmmm, tempting! Reservations recommended.

10. Salty’s

Okay, so to me this brunch is absolutely unrivaled (and I’ve had me A LOT of brunches!) Not cheap, but worth every penny for the seafood alone, not to mention the gorgeous, on-the-river location, and the bottomless mimosas and build-your-own bloody mary bar! Reservations required if you don’t want to wait for two or more hours.

Do you have a favorite Mother’s Day brunch spot? I want to hear about them in the comments!