Where to Go Apple Picking Around Portland

Apple picking orchard with many apples on the ground in front of a line of tress

September’s arrival means several things for Portland-area families: the kids are heading back to school, temperatures are about to get cooler, and it’s officially the beginning of apple picking season. And we highly recommend visiting a u-pick apple orchard (or two) during this lovely transition to fall.all.

Think about it: What better way to enjoy sweater weather than a stroll through a local apple orchard? You can nab some tasty autumn treats (because who doesn’t like apples) AND score some beautiful pics for your Instagram feed.

Since we LOVE apple picking around Portland, we’ve put together a full list of u-pick apple farms, divided by those to the north, south, east, and west (see below, and check out the online map!).

A Few Apple Picking Tips:

  • As with any excursion to a farm, it’s a good idea to check with the farm for info before heading out. Most farms provide updates on growth conditions and weather-specific concerns throughout the season.
  • Dwarf vs Semi-Dwarf vs Full Size Apple Trees. Believe it or not, the size of the trees on the farm makes A LOT of difference in how you can pick apples. Dwarf trees are typically low enough to the ground that adults and kiddos can pick straight from the tree with little additional help needed. The taller versions require either a ladder or a fruit-picking tool (basically a long stick with a grabber on the end). Especially if you have younger or differently abled kiddos in tow, it’s best to know how it will work before heading out.
  • Some apples will already be on the ground. This is a heads-up for the littles that may go in for a quick bite.
  • Boots are recommended, or at least close-toed shoes. Since these are working farms, the ground can be a bit uneven or muddy, and autumn can get a bit chilly anyway.
  • Go to the bathroom before you get started. It’s a real bummer to walk out to an orchard and immediately hear, “I have to go potty!”
  • If a farm allows you to bring a wagon (or better yet, they offer them for you to use) TAKE THEM! Apples can get heavy rather quickly.

To the North

Douglas Farm

15330 NW Sauvie Island Rd (Portland)
(503) 621-3177

To the East

Draper Girls’ Country Farm

6200 OR-35 (Mt Hood)
(541) 490-8113

Kiyokawa Family Orchards

5625 Hutson Dr (Parkdale)
(541) 352-7115

Mt View Orchards

6670 Trout Creek Ridge Rd (Mt Hood)
(541) 352-6828

Packer Orchards

3020 Thomsen Road (Hood River)
(541) 234-4481

Hood River U-Pick Organic

4320 Royal Anne Dr (Hood River)
(541) 308-0401

To the South

Morning Shade Farm

8345 S Barnards Rd (Canby)
(503) 651-2622

TK Orchards

23513 Boones Ferry Rd NE (Aurora)
(503) 678-5227

Beilke Family Farm

4925 Rockdale ST NE (Brooks)
(503) 393-1077

To the West

Bell’s Orchard

24350 SW Farmington Rd (Beaverton)
(503) 313-1346

Sherwood Orchards

23995 SW Pacific Hwy (Sherwood)
(503) 625-7705

Jossy Farms

31965 NW Beach Rd (Hillsboro)
(503) 647-5234

*Oregon Heritage Farms

22801 SW Scholls Ferry Rd (Hillsboro)
(503) 628-2775

* Please note that Oregon Heritage Farms does not offer u-pick apples. But they do have an annual Apple Festival and some of the tastiest apple cider donuts around (so we wanted to make sure they were included).

Did we miss your favorite apple-picking spot?
Send us a note at [email protected] to let us know!