5 Activities That Will Take You Out of Your Summer Comfort Zone


Living in the Pacific NW is a feast of all the best it has to offer. When the sun is out, so are the people. We’re building sandcastles at the beach, traveling through the mountains, hiking in the gorge, and discovering a new venue featuring the most delicious food! And I’m sure you love to take your family camping, or to the zoo, and on a picnic at your favorite park, but what about something a little different in your local activities?

local activities

What if this summer, you seek out something out of your norm? Push your boundaries a bit, and get your family to see your surroundings with a new lens?

Today, I want to share with you a few events that might open your eyes to a new possibility or at least tickle your mind with a new way of thinking. These local activities are for families, but the age of the children varies.

1. ChickTech

So, you think tech is just for dudes? Think again. ChickTech is engaging girls in the technology industry with hands-on tech-centric workshops to inspire them to be brave, curious, and confident! They are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

Want to change the way your child views technology? Check out their Middle School Camp, running Aug 6-10th. It’s five days of exposure to different kinds of technology along with fun break activities like yoga, field trips to tech companies, and opportunities to meet inspiring women who work in tech and STEM fields.

2. Roar Voices

Storytelling is a beautiful way to communicate our differences as well as our similarities. It opens your mind to the idea that you are not alone and that we are all human. This is a strong and powerful message that needs to be heard and makes for perfect summer local activities.

Roar Voices is an inspiring storytelling platform for women. Erika Worth, curator and producer, has expanded this event to bring in girls ages 12-17 to share their stories and empower others to share as well. Girls can still apply for the workshop dates and final performance for Girls Roar on August 23rd.

3. Business Camp

How cool would it be to have your little one see through the eyes of an entrepreneur! Show your kids the possibility of being a Maker at the Kid Makers Crafty Business Camp, Aug 6-10 at Friggs Mercantile, where your child’s first business will be born. Go ahead and be jealous that we never had this kind of camp as kids!

Kids will choose and create a handmade product like soap, lotion, and candles. They will not only design a brand and a website, they will also create labels and displays, and share their product to the public at the Kid Makers’ Market on August 11!

4. Pickathon

Music is a powerful language, and communities come together for music. At Pickathon, adults and children from all over converge for a weekend of music tucked away in Happy Valley. So close to the city, but so nicely hidden!

Pickathon is equal parts summer camp, music festival, and family reunion. Coming your way Aug 2-5, bring your family (you can even camp!) to experience a festival that will shape their love for music and performance art in an entirely unusual way.

5. SkyDive Oregon

I’ve saved the most hairbending activity of them all, for last. This may top your list for jumping out of your comfort zone, literally! You might value the ground more than ever and even think twice about your mortality. All while seeing the earth from a birds eye view.

For those really wanting to shift their perspective in multiple ways, I’ve got the perfect thing for you! SKYDIVING

Enjoy your summer and expand your experiences! Which local activities will you choose?

local activitiesSelena Maestas is healing hearts worldwide as the founder of the Love YOU More Project. An insightful life coach, she has helped hundreds of people over the last 12 years to heal the most important relationship: the one with themselves.

Selena has a strong background in psychology which gives her an inquisitive lens and a library of experience towards effectively guiding people to make change in all areas of life. She has focused her work to help working women strengthen their confidence and proudly claim their space in the world. How? By teaching them how to get out of their own way!