5 Amazing Plant Shops in Portland and Beyond

Inside SolabeeI have never been a stranger to hobbies have always loved houseplants. However, the pandemic kicked what was once a casual interest into a full-on obsession, and somewhere in the haze of the past two years, my previous count of a dozen or so plants has morphed into a home jungle.
It sounds like I am not alone. Article after article claims that 2020 and 2021 saw major rises in plant sales, and the trend is expected to continue.

Lucky for us, Portland is riddled with fantastic plant shops (HOUSEPLANTS, people, houseplants). Whether you are new to houseplants or have been mastering the craft for decades, get ready to fall in love with your next plant baby at any of Portland’s delightful and charming plant shops. Instead of hitting up a big box store, consider visiting one of these independent retailers who specialize in plant life, instead.

Solabee Flowers and Botanicals

From the N. Killingsworth street, peering into the windows of Solabee promises an amazing selection of plants, and once inside, it doesn’t disappoint! This is both a plant and flower shop, so a perfect place to revel in the revelry and pops of color. I have yet to visit their northwest location, but it’s certainly on my list!

Solabee Northwest
1759 NW 24th Ave

Solabee Killingsworth
801 N Killingsworth St

Pistils NurseryPistils

The flagship Pistils on Mississippi is an undeniable Portland favorite. The staff is warm and inviting without being pushy, and they tend to be true plant nerds (said with love!), and the solarium is welcoming and warm. They opened a second location in Slabtown in 2019, with a focus on “urban greening” and houseplants. They also host some great workshops — currently online — for anyone looking to further their plant parenting skills.
Pistils Mothership
3811 N Mississippi Ave
Pistils Slabtown
2139 NW Raleigh St

Gurton’s Plant Shop

Located in the Hillsdale neighborhood, Gurton’s Plant Shop has been in their family for seven generations. Talk about being born with a green thumb! Gurton’s is another Portland treasure. Like many local spots, they more than just awesome plants, but also a cute collection of accessories and other delights. It’s worth a visit for the expertise
Gurton’s Plant Shop
6360 SW Capitol Hwy

Arium Botanicals

Arium is a queer, latinx, and vegan-owned business. They sell the whole gamut of houseplants – from tiny, inexpensive options to giant, pricey beasts – from their large warehouse on MLK. I appreciate that employees are often holding plants for scale on Arium’s very popular Instagram feed. More than once, I have purchased a plant for curbside pickup, only to realize it’s a different size than my brain thought, a problem I have never had at Arium. Whether you choose to snoop their offerings online first or not, Arium carries an amazing selection of houseplants and is well worth the visit!
2046 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd

Staghorn Mercantile

Another plant shop that wins for not only havign amazing plants, but also beautiful home decor products and an overall wonderful energy. Word on the street is they are opening up a Cannon Beach location soon, so hit them up in Beaverton OR during your next visit to the coast.
12650 SW Farmington Rd
Beaverton, OR 97005
(Cannon Beach location coming soon)

There are likely a dozen other shops that could have been included in this list, maybe even more! Just going in to visit a shop is a delightful adventure that can be soothing for the soul. So get out there and get in the greenery. Happy houseplanting!

Where do you like to go for your plant fix? Tell us your favorite haunts in the comments! 

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