The PMB 2017 Guide to Portland Summer Camps Is Here!



As we launch into spring, savvy parents know it’s time to think ahead to SUMMER. Or, more specifically, summer camp! As crazy as it may seem, March is a great time to start laying out your summer plans, because popular camps fill up quickly. Thankfully, we live in a city filled with opportunities, and our kids can have some amazing summertime adventures.

To help with your planning, Portland Moms Blog partnered with some of the top summer camps in the area to bring you the 2017 Guide to Portland Summer Camps. Looking for something a little artsy? Or maybe an engineering camp? Is your kid into sports? We have something for everyone! Hone in on your kid’s favorite activities or mix it up and pursue a variety of experiences. The camps featured in our 2017 Guide come from all over the region, too. Check it out and get your plans started!

Do you have a favorite summertime memory from when you were a kid?
What camp are you hoping to send your kid(s) to this summer?

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