Portland’s 10 Best Frozen Yogurt Spots


You know your family eats too much frozen yogurt when your three-year-old asks for it every evening after dinner. In fact, because of my family’s near-obsession with trying different places, I kind of consider us Fro Yo connoisseurs.

Yes, that’s a thing.

The great thing about this delicious alternative to ice cream is that frozen yogurt is affordable. For a family on a budget, enjoying dessert on a Friday night doesn’t have to be a financial drain because shops typically charge by the ounce, so a little can go a long way. Many shops are located near restaurants and shopping areas, and it makes for a fun date night destination or evening out with the kids.

After hours of grueling and waist-expanding research, this connoisseur has put together a list of Portland’s 10 best frozen yogurt spots.

frozen yogurt

  1. Nectar Frozen Yogurt Lounge (SW Capitol Hwy, Portland)

    The decor and lighting of Nectar is as unique as Multnomah Village where it is located. Although this shop has fewer yogurt dispensers than other locations, flavors are rotated regularly. They even sell Fro Yo for Fido for $1.50 per container. Plenty of seating is available for both large and small groups with nooks overlooking the street. Children will enjoy the kids’ corner with child-sized table and chairs and books to read while parents enjoy some grown-up conversation. 

  2. Eb & Bean Local Organic Fro Yo (NE Broadway, Portland)

    This establishment is a welcome Portland addition for those who have dietary restrictions. Eb and Bean offers vegan and gluten-free yogurt options and toppings. Toppings are organic and locally sourced whenever available. A variety of restaurants surround the Broadway location, including Indian, Mexican, sushi, Thai, and a McMenamins. Yogurt is not weighed by the ounce here, but the price is similar to that of most other places we’ve visited. Seating is limited, so be prepared to order your treats to-go on a busy night. 

  3. Frenzi Frozen Yogurt (N. Main St., Gresham)

    Looking for a vegan or dairy-free ice cream alternative and a more adult vibe? Frenzi has you covered. Located in historic downtown Gresham, Frenzi offers 60 toppings and rotating Fro Yo flavors every week. The vegan and dairy-free options are made with almond or coconut milk. Comfy leather couches and chairs and gorgeous local artist photography decorate the walls, creating a more lounge-like feel. My favorite part of the experience is the build-your-own milkshake station with eight flavors to choose from at a reasonable price. 

  4. Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt Progress Ridge (SW Horizon Blvd., Beaverton)

    Menchie’s is our family’s favorite summertime frozen yogurt spot on the west side. Their wide assortment of delicious and regularly rotating flavors never disappoints. But the best thing about this place is its proximity to the Progress Ridge fountains where kids can play on a hot summer day. It’s also a fun date night spot as it neighbors Cinetopia, The Growlerie, and a number of restaurants and shops.  

  5. Sunny’s Legendary Frozen Yogurt (SW Vermont St., Portland)

    A few doors down from Laughing Planet Cafe and across the street from the SW Community Center you’ll find Sunny’s. This shop is unique among Portland’s Fro Yo options because it is certified kosher and inspected regularly to maintain that status. The mid-century retro decor sets it apart from the other, too. With a large availability of indoor and outdoor seating, it is a great spot to meet up with friends.  

  6. Peachy Berry (SW Wilsonville Rd., Wilsonville)

    Located just off I-5, Peachy Berry is a family-friend spot with board games to play while enjoying your treats. It also offers a wide assortment of toppings, as well as a huge variety of crepes and bubble tea. Children will also enjoy the aquarium with bright-colored tropical fish. 

  7. Yo Town Cafe (Bangy Rd., Lake Oswego)

    Sometimes you can’t decide if you’re in the mood for frozen yogurt, a mocha, or a burger. In that case, Yo Town Cafe is your place. This funky little shop in downtown Lake Oswego stands out among the rest thanks to its variety of options. Choose from 14 yogurt flavors, Stumptown coffee, bubble tea, sides, salads, burgers, and bahn mi sandwiches made in-house.

  8. Peachwave (Cedar Hills Crossing, Beaverton)

    Stop by Peachwave in Cedar Hills Crossing after you eat dinner at one of the many nearby restaurants. It’s also a great meeting place before or after you enjoy a movie or get some shopping done at the mall.

  9. Yo Cream Frozen Yogurt (NE Cascades Pkwy, Portland)

    The best part of this particular frozen yogurt chain is its location. Yo Cream is a welcome stop after hours of shopping at IKEA or the many other stores at Cascades Parkway. Other perks includes the wide variety of toppings and long list of rotating flavors, as well as milkshakes and custom made smoothies. 

  10. EZ Freezy (SE Division, Portland) 

    Family-owned Ez Freezy purchases its yogurt locally and toppings weekly for freshness. Children and adults will enjoy this brightly colored and clean shop. Flavor dividers and Flavor Burst cones heighten the Fro Yo experience. And if you’re not in the mood for yogurt, you can build your own milkshake or smoothie out of a variety of flavors. Don’t forget to add toppings! 

What’s your favorite Fro Yo spot?

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