10 Mostly Positive Affirmations for Realist Moms


Some days of mothering are long, difficult, and seriously lacking in encouragement, especially since all of the kids are out of their routine on summer break. I went through an embarrassingly large amount of chocolate in the first week my own kids were home from school, no doubt a coping mechanism for skyrocketing levels of stress. Sadly, technology is not yet advanced enough for me to share my dwindling chocolate supply with you directly through the internet; so instead I have made these encouraging, #MostlyPositiveAffirmations for us realistic moms. I hope you smile and share with the moms in your life who could use some encouragement, too.


You are one day closer to using the bathroom without an audience, mom memes, motherhood positive affirmations


 I will embrace sleep even if it comes in two hour increments between feedings, mom memes, motherhood positive affirmations


 mom memes, motherhood positive affirmations


I will love my children even when they pee on the couch


someday five to seven years from now I will drink a coffee without microwaving it and read a book


breathe in breathe out bedtime always comes


with coffee and youtube kids i can accomplish anything, mom memes, motherhood positive affirmations


I know they are brushing their teeth the evidence is all over the bathroom


my children love me even when they wake me up and demand pancakes like its IHOP


I love myself to eat junk food kale chocolate kombucha brownies


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