School Supplies Surprise: A New Way to Save My Sanity

PMB is delighted to partner with Educational Products Inc to bring you this review. We think families will save time and money using their simple, headache-free online approach to back-to-school shopping!

It may seem early to start thinking about back to school shopping, but a little planning now can have you sailing through summer without rushing around shopping for school supplies just as you’ve finally settled into summer mode.

Our partners at Educational Products Inc. (EPI) reached out to us to try their prepackaged school supply service. EPI provides prepackaged school supplies delivered directly to your school just in time for the start of the school year. It’s as simple as looking up your child’s school on their website, clicking your child’s grade, and submitting the order. 

Sound like magic? We thought so, too. But, we thought it best to try it out before making any claims about magical powers.

My EPI Experience

Last year, I was the parent running around at the last minute, gathering all the needed supplies. Clicking one button vs. driving all over town to gather supplies seems like a huge time- and, maybe more importantly, frustration-saver. I am an over-thinker and find myself staring at all the school supplies in awe and pondering which brand the teacher would want or which markers will last the longest.

EPI cuts out all the guesswork when school supply shopping. They make school supply shopping a breeze; just a few clicks, and the supplies are on their way!

Imagine our kids’ excitement when a giant box of school supplies arrived for them. They couldn’t wait to tear into the box and check out its contents. There were lots of quality brands we recognized, including popular favorites Crayola and Elmers. The supplies arrived in one large box, all packaged together, and included everything you would expect: scissors, crayons, markers, folders, pencil cases, writing paper, and more.

I can see EPI being a welcomed relief for parents when the back to school supply list comes out this summer. Instead of dreading the back-to-school mayhem, I am looking  forward to skipping the back-to-school section this fall, knowing that an easier option exists for parents.

How It Works

1. Your child’s school provides the school supply list for each grade level (including brands) to EPI.

2. EPI creates school supply packages using the provided list. You purchase the supply package on their website using the school code.

3. EPI has the supplies waiting at your kid’s school on the first day of the new school year.

4. You walk to school sipping a latte instead of juggling bags of school supplies.

What the whaaaa?!? So easy! With EPI, you buy all the supplies in one stop, with the simple click of a button. EPI carries a variety of different brands, ensuring your child will have the exact supplies requested by teachers and staff.

Another huge win: EPI offers a school-year guarantee on all products. If it doesn’t meet quality standards, they will replace it for free!


Bonus Offer!

While you wait for next year’s supply list, enter to win some FREE art supplies to keep your kids creative all summer. EPI is currently offering an Arts & Crafts Sweepstakes: Parents can enter to win a grand prize of more than 100 arts and crafts supplies (valued at $250), or secondary prizes valued at $50, by signing up for more information about EPI.