Why You Should Get (or Give) Womb: The Ultimate Pregnancy and Newborn Experience


This post is sponsored by Womb, a new local resource that we truly believe will benefit our local community of moms.

During pregnancy, perhaps you were (or are) like me and read the books and articles about what to expect, you took the classes and did the birthing center tour, and you bought all the “stuff” you and your new baby would need. You took on preparing for baby like it was your job. Then, you delivered that bundle of joy, which may or may not have gone as planned, and you finally had that newborn to cradle in your arms. What joy! And then…remember when that hospital or birthing center told you that you and your baby were free to go home? And you thought to your tired and hurting self, “Are they actually just going to let me leave with this baby? Did anyone tell them I have NO CLUE what I’m doing? Surely someone will stop me before I walk out of this place with this tiny, live human.”

Womb Pregnancy and Postpartum Support - Pregnancy resources

That was my postpartum experience. I thought I was prepared, but soon found myself struggling physically, mentally and emotionally. Ever since then I felt like there should be a better way. So a few weeks ago when I first heard about Womb–a local company that developed a new parent preparation, support, and return to work system, I couldn’t wait to reach out to the founder and find out more. I think both what they provide as well as the story of how Womb came to be is worth sharing with every new mom!

Womb uses a provider team and technology-based approach to make it easier to get help for breastfeeding, baby sleep, stress and worry, and post-birth body strengthening.


pregnancy resources and postpartum supportFor women and partners in the 3rd trimester:

  • Group video events to learn about topics such as newborn essentials and breastfeeding
  • Self-­paced strength videos to prepare your body for labor and birth

For women and partners after birth:

  • Secure, one-to-one video visits for help with breastfeeding, stress and worry, and baby sleep
  • One hour house calls for breastfeeding help
  • Self­-paced strength videos for post birth body recovery, plus access to a fitness coach
  • Health kits for nursing moms
  • Return to work plans

WombCEOThe Womb story 

Womb was started by Brian Klem, a former Zoom+ executive, who had his son in January 2014. He and his wife saw firsthand the many problems with pregnancy and newborn care and wanted to do something about it. Womb’s current services are just the beginning. Their ultimate goal is to redesign the complete pregnancy and newborn experience.

“In most developed countries, women and their partners have more time with their providers, more supportive services, all at an affordable price. Womb is working to bring this European style of care to the United States.” ~ Brian

How to get Womb (and try it for free)

Based on my personal experience, let me encourage the pregnant mamas to stop buying more adorable onsies (okay, buy a couple) and instead get Womb! You will not regret having such professional, practical and convenient support for this major life change. And if you know a new or expectant mom, consider gifting her with the support that Womb provides. Here’s how:

1. Get it for yourself

Womb offers FREE group video events for any woman and partner in the first trimester. Plus, use the promo code “TRYWOMB” to get for 50% off all paid Womb services. Schedule at getwomb.com.

2. Give it to a friend or loved one

If you know someone expecting a baby, give her the gift of Womb’s New Family Support Package at gifts.getwomb.com.

3. Get it through your employer

Employers can choose to sponsor 100% of the program costs plus offer a number of extras to participating women. Interested women should tell their HR department to visit the employer section at getwomb.com.

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