Shiny Hiney and the Great Cloth Diaper Change {Review + Event}


{This post is sponsored by The Shiny Hiney. All opinions are my own.}

The Shiny Hiney Cloth Diapers is a family owned, local business that is extremely passionate about both the environment and providing a great, healthy alternative to disposable diapers. They also have a great event in Portland this weekend, just ahead of Earth Day!

The Shiny Hiney cloth diapers
A mere sampling of the cuteness available at

Though they are only a year old, The Shiny Hiney has an amazing connection to local moms and are taking Portland by storm! The owners, Emily and Jamison Purry, are committed to raising awareness that cloth diapers can be fun, fashionable, and affordable. Cloth diapers today are NOT the cloth diapers your grandma used. With an adorable array of rotating patterns including the ever-so popular mustache, tiger stripes, lady bugs, spider man, blue jeans, cartoon fish, flowers, cow print, and some solid colors, these cloth diapers provide great absorbency and look great on little butts!

Shiney Hiney diapers
The mustache pattern diaper!


So many snaps! But that is to adjust the size and tightness.

Shiny Hiney makes a pocket, all-in-one diaper with adjustable snap closures. This means the adorable covers are a waterproof material, called PUL, sewn with a soft lining forming the pocket, and snaps on the front that allow you to adjust the diaper to fit littles from 7 pounds all the way to 37 pounds! The inserts (the part that goes in the pocket) are made from either bamboo or microfiber, which you can select at checkout, providing amazing absorbency even for a heavy wetter like my little man.

But because of the ease of the pocket, you can double the inserts for nap and nighttime. They are super affordable as well! Each diaper ranges from only $8.99 to $10.99 and, because of the adjustability, you can use these diapers until potty training! Even better, these diapers are a great quality, which means they can last through 2 and 3 kids! Think of the savings!


The Shiny Hiney pocket diaper
The insert goes into the diaper so the soft suede lining is next to the baby’s skin.

Remember how I said they weren’t grandma’s cloth diapers? Well, the diapers are modern and easy (yeaaaa, no pins!) but the owners still believe in old fashioned business practices. I was totally blown away when Emily told me they deliver within 24-48 hours to local Portland moms. No no…not MAIL delivery…to-your-door-VIP-service-pizza-delivery-style delivery!

“I want to connect to Portland, and moms need a little help sometimes. Which is why we deliver to your door and why we want to teach classes to help moms understand how easy cloth really is!” ~ Emily Purry, Owner

Now, I’m going to answer the question that I know so many are thinking: What about poop?

Emily provided me with some diaper liners that are made from wood pulp (just like toilet paper only stronger) that you can flush with the solids. These are amazing because you place the liner in the diaper before putting it on the baby and if there is poop you just dump the liner with the solids into the toilet. Because cloth isn’t mainstream – yet – a Target run isn’t possible here. But worry not! They provide the liners on their website! Along with cloth safe diaper cream, wet bags for soiled diapers and detergent that’s safe for cloth diapers. The wet bags are also washable, each cost $5.99 and they are also lined with a waterproof liner. Each bag can hold approximately 5-6 cloth diapers and are 12×14 inches in size. Bonus? You can also use them for soiled clothes so you don’t have to keep a plastic bag in your diaper bag! BRILLIANT!

All of these are available at

But the cuteness doesn’t just stop at diapers…they also have training pants. They are adjustable just like the diapers, so you can start potty training early if needed. And just like the diapers, the patterns are too cute to resist! The best part is the training pants are ALSO super affordable, so the transition will be easy on your little AND your wallet!

Just three of three of the many adorable patterns!
Just three of three of the many adorable patterns of training pants!

So, are you interested in trying cloth, but have no idea where to start? GOOD NEWS! To solidify the passion that Emily has for putting cloth on all baby butts everywhere, The Shiny Hiney is sponsoring a free event called The Great Cloth Diaper Change this Saturday, April 18 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Friendly House Community Center on 2617 NW Savier St in Portland. There will be a whole slew of activities including a FREE Stroller Strides class at 9:15 a.m. from the Fit4Mom Stroller Strides at Cedar Hills, some amazing giveaways, and free food. They will also be aiming to break the world record of 9770 cloth diapers changed at one time!

* A little unnerving factoid for you here: in the one minute that it will take to change the diapers for making the world record, there are 60,000 diapers being thrown into the landfill. EVERY MINUTE!

“IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOUR BABIES COME IN DISPOSABLE, all that matters is that they are changed into CLOTH! Bring your friends who don’t use cloth and we can get them a cloth to change into. If you are ONLY participating in the world record cloth diaper change you can come register at 10:15. We MUST to do the change at exactly 11 a.m. for it to count!” ~ Emily

It’s going to be an awesome event, and you can register by emailing Emily at [email protected] or calling 503.877.2499

Shiny Hiney Event
Official Great Cloth Diaper Change flyer