28 Signs You May Be a ‘GIRL MOM’


A year ago we shared a great post about being a ‘boy mom.’ And there have been many other viral posts written about such. Mothers glance lovingly at their raucous little men, and say things like, “Oh, he’s all boy,” and talk about how they are ‘noise with dirt on them,’ they make weapons out of everything, and the never-ending potty-talk.

My youngest is a boy, so I have experienced this first-hand, but before he was born, I also had two girls. And just like those boy moms, each girl mom has their own, defining experiences. Here are 28 signs that prove you might be a girl mom:

28. You know every Disney princess ever created.girl mom

27. The highest compliment you can receive from your girl(s) is that you look “pretty.”

26. Emotions rule everything, all the time.

25. When little girlfriends come for play dates, every pink plate, cup, baby doll, and princess dress is fought over.

24. You quit buying pants after they were three-years-old because they only wear dresses anyway.

23. You quit buying clothes after they were three-years-old because they’ll only wear DRESS UP dresses.

22. They (try to) pick out your clothes, shoes, jewelry, hairstyle, and makeup for you.

21. You have daily, tearful arguments over not being allowed to wear their tap, ballet, or jazz shoes all over the house and outside.

20. You’ve noticed the fact that there are no clothes in stores that do not include some sort of pink, frilly, or princess in their size.

19. Body issues and friend/enemy drama starts in preschool.

18. You find hair things everywhere in the house, car, and outside.

17. If she has hair, you find it everywhere in the house, car, and outside.girl mom

16. You know the difference between Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash.

15. Crying is a real and proper response to anything and everything.

14. Whining is too.

13. You wake up, go all day, and head to bed with a trillion animated theme songs stuck in your head.

12. You have to hide your jewelry, makeup, purses, and shoes or they will get tried-on and/or go missing entirely.

11. Almost every game (role-play, toys, etc.) includes a mama and baby.

10. You can discern and interpret words at the most ultrasonic scream levels.

9. At only three, she can throw a nasty glare, a sharp word, and a sassy attitude to rival any of the Mean Girls.

8. You wish you had saved your Polly Pocket, Cabbage Patch, Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, and Barbie dolls from when you were a child.

7. Everything looks better with glitter on it.

6. You have to do laundry every day, because they change their clothes so many times you have no idea what is truly clean or dirty.girl mom

5. There are entire, separate drawers in the bathroom devoted to clips, bows, rubber bands, headbands, and nail polish.

4. Everything is the end of the world. (See also #9, 10, 14, 15, 26)

3. Any inanimate object has the potential to become a doll (chop sticks, markers, salt and pepper shakers, rocks, etc.)

2. If and when you DO have a boy after your girl(s), he is dressed up in frilly dresses, hair things and makeup by his big sister(s).

1. You smiled and agreed while reading this list, and despite all the emotions and drama, you wouldn’t trade your sweet (or not so sweet) girls for the world!

Can you think of other badges of honor that mark a ‘girl mom?’
Leave them in the comments!