2021-2022 Back-to-School Printable (FREE!)


Many of us have mixed feelings about the start of this year, and a lot of us are on edge. Perhaps this year more than ever, it’s important celebrate the start of a new adventure and the marking of yet another milestone. With all that we have been through over the past 18+ months, it’s time for back-to-school and the start of a new academic year.

We know everyone is always so busy this time of the year, so here is a simple way to get those back-to-school pictures ready to rock — FOR FREE! 

PRO TIP: If you need to figure out your kid’s graduation year, use the online calculator!

First Day of School Printable 2021

How It Works

“Purchase” the FREE printable by adding it to your cart here and proceeding as if you will purchase it (do not use PayPal). No charges will be made, and you will not be required to enter payment information. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email from Portland Mom Collective, followed by a second, separate email from Corjl, the online software that will allow you to customize the file.

Follow the link provided by Corjl and create a free account to edit (it’s easy!). Select the areas you would like to change, including name, grade level, teacher name, school name, and other fun stuff. You can change the colors and word sizes within certain parameters, but the idea is to make this a quick project for easy back-to-school photos. Pro tip: It’s easier to edit the text in the text box on the right side of the screen, after a single click on the word you want to change.

**Please note that Corjl works best with Safari or Chrome, and you may have difficulties with Internet Explorer or Firefox. You can also edit documents on your mobile device.

Screenshot of the desktop version of the editable document in Corjl
Once you have finished customizing, save the file and download it. Then print it out (we printed on cardstock); you may need to select “borderless printing” or “US Letter Sized borderless” in the print dialogue. Frame the end product if you’re faaaaancy.

If you want to make a sign for different children, simply hit “Revert to Original” on the left hand side in Corjl and go through the same process for each kiddo. Easy!

Share Your Photo with Us

Take your first day photos, post them on Instagram, and include the hashtag #pmcfirstday2021 or tag us @portlandmomcollective. We’d love to feature local kids as they make their way back to the in-person classrooms around the region.

Wishing all our families a wonderful start to the 2021-2022 school year!